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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is November; and the birth day is 9
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Spiro AgnewNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Mark "Sisqó" AndrewsNotable Musicians
B. J. BedfordOlympic Medalists
Aleksandr BelovOlympic Medalists
Andreas BrehmeNotable Athletes
Ingvar CarlssonSwedish Prime Ministers
Alice CoachmanOlympic Medalists
Eric DaneNotable Actors and Actresses
Marcus DaniellNotable Athletes
Álvaro de CastroPortuguese Presidents and Prime Ministers
Enrico De NicolaItalian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Nelson DiebelOlympic Medalists
Rudolf DombiOlympic Medalists
Karen DotriceNotable Actors and Actresses
Marie DresslerNotable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Charles DuclercFrench Presidents and Prime Ministers
Edward VIIEnglish and British Kings and Queens
Lou FerrignoNotable Actors and Actresses
Ingvild Flugstad ØstbergOlympic Medalists
Bob GibsonHall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes
Beiker GraterolNotable Athletes
Jamie GreubelOlympic Medalists
Robert David HallNotable Actors and Actresses
Elizabeth HawleyNotable Journalists
Whitey HerzogHall-of-Famers
Imre KertészNobel Prize Winners
Sabri LamouchiNotable Athletes
Ed LindbergOlympic Medalists
Robert Duncan McNeillNotable Actors and Actresses
Fernando MeirellesNotable Filmmakers
Christine MichaelNotable Athletes
Davit ModzmanashviliOlympic Medalists
Ronald George Wreyford NorrishNobel Prize Winners
Yaima OrtízOlympic Medalists
Algernon PaddockNotable Politicians and Statespeople
Tuuli Petäjä-SirénOlympic Medalists
Mihai PintiliiNotable Athletes
Demetra PlakasNotable Musicians
Marioara PopescuOlympic Medalists
Teryl RotheryNotable Actors and Actresses
Carl SaganNotable Scientists and Inventors
Tengiz SiguaOther Leaders
Sharon StouderOlympic Medalists
Stanislav SventekOlympic Medalists
Jack W. SzostakNobel Prize Winners
Scottie ThompsonNotable Actors and Actresses
Dragan TsankovBulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Ivan TurgenevNotable Writers
Ernst WideOlympic Medalists
Ed WynnEmmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Alexandros ZaimisGreek Prime Ministers