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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is April; and the birth day is 8
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Pedro I the Just1320-1367Portuguese Kings and Queens
Felipe IV1605-1665Portuguese Kings and Queens, Spanish Kings and Queens
David Rittenhouse1732-1796Notable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Christian IX1818-1906Danish Kings and Queens
Sophie of the Netherlands1824-1897Other Royalty
Michel Oreste1859-1918Haitian Presidents
Teodor Teodorov1859-1924Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Edmund Husserl1859-1938Notable Philosophers and Thinkers
Albert I of Belgium1875-1934Other Royalty
Margaret Ayer Barnes1886-1967Pulitzer Award Winners
Mary Pickford1892-1979Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners, Title Characters
Achille Van Acker1898-1975Belgian Prime Ministers
John Hicks1904-1989Nobel Prize Winners
Georg Werner1904-2002Olympic Medalists
Joachim Büchner1905-1978Olympic Medalists
George Musso1910-2000Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Emil Cioran1911-1995Notable Philosophers and Thinkers, Notable Writers
Melvin Calvin1911-1997Nobel Prize Winners
Sonja Henie1912-1969Olympic Medalists
Ivan Supek1915-2007Notable Scientists and Inventors
Betty Ford1918-2011American First Ladies
Shecky Greene1926-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jacques Brel1929-1978Notable Musicians
József Antall1932-1993Other Leaders
Kofi Annan1938-2018Nobel Prize Winners
John Havlicek1940-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Mirko Jozić1940-Notable Athletes
Vivienne Westwood1941-Notable Artists
Barbara Göbel1943-Olympic Medalists
Hywel Bennett1944-Notable Actors and Actresses
Berta Hrubá1946-1998Olympic Medalists
Jim "Catfish" Hunter1946-1999Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Grzegorz Lato1950-Notable Athletes
Peta Toppano1951-Notable Actors and Actresses
Geir Haarde1951-Icelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers
Gary Carter1954-2012Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Barbara Kingsolver1955-Pulitzer Award Winners
John Schneider1960-Notable Actors and Actresses
Brenda Stauffer1961-Olympic Medalists
Robin Wright1966-Notable Actors and Actresses
Patricia Arquette1968-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners
Aamir Zaki1968-Notable Musicians
Darius Dimavičius1968-Olympic Medalists
Patricia Girard1968-Olympic Medalists
Andrej Plenković1970-Other Leaders
Selçuk Öztürk1972-Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Emma Caulfield1973-Notable Actors and Actresses
Damian Grichting1973-Olympic Medalists
Toutai Kefu1974-Notable Athletes
Anouk Teeuwe1975-Notable Musicians
Erika Holst1979-Olympic Medalists
Katee Sackhoff1980-Notable Actors and Actresses
Frederich Cepeda1980-Olympic Medalists
Frédérick Bousquet1981-Olympic Medalists
Edson Braafheid1983-Notable Athletes
Tatyana Petrova Arkhipova1983-Olympic Medalists
Austin Ejide1984-Notable Athletes
Patricia Elorza1984-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Taran Noah Smith1984-Notable Actors and Actresses
Igor Akinfeev1986-Notable Athletes
Eddie Kunz1986-Notable Athletes
Natalia Ishchenko1986-Olympic Medalists
Yonder Alonso1987-Notable Athletes
Jerry Bengtson1987-Notable Athletes
Dario Vidošić1987-Notable Athletes
Shareece Wright1987-Notable Athletes
Darrel Young1987-Notable Athletes
William Accambray1988-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Lu Chunlong1989-Olympic Medalists
Arvis Vilkaste1989-Olympic Medalists
Giorgi Tkhilaishvili1991-Notable Athletes
Chaz Green1992-Notable Athletes
Mathew Ryan1992-Notable Athletes
Keith Smith1992-Notable Athletes
Darrian Miller1993-Notable Athletes
László Kleinheisler1994-Notable Athletes
CiCi Bellis1999-Notable Athletes