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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is May; and the birth day is 4
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Henri I1008-1060Frankish and French Kings
Kangxi1654-1722Chinese Emperors
Thomas Henry Huxley1825-1895Notable Scientists and Inventors
John Hanning Speke1827-1864Notable Explorers and Adventurers
René Mayer1895-1972French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Esmond Knight1906-1987Notable Actors and Actresses
Wolrad Eberle1908-1949Olympic Medalists
Ran Laurie1915-1998Olympic Medalists
Terry Scott1927-1994Notable Actors and Actresses
Hosni Mubarak1928-2020Other Leaders
Audrey Hepburn1929-1993Notable Actors and Actresses, Oscar Award Winners, Tony Award Winners
Jan Pesman1931-2014Olympic Medalists
Med Hondo1936-2019Notable Filmmakers
Dick Dale1937-2019Notable Musicians
Florjan Lipuš1937-Notable Writers
Russi Taylor1944-2019Notable Actors and Actresses
Richard Jenkins1947-Notable Actors and Actresses
Graham Swift1949-Notable Writers
Anghel Iordănescu1950-Notable Athletes
Efe Aydan1955-Notable Athletes
Elke Sehmisch1955-Olympic Medalists
Kimberly Chace1956-Notable Athletes
Kersten Neisser1956-Olympic Medalists
Martyn Stanbridge1957-Notable Actors and Actresses
Li Kongzheng1959-Olympic Medalists
Valdemaras Chomičius1959-Olympic Medalists
Kate Saunders1960-Notable Writers
Werner Faymann1960-Austrian Chancellors and Presidents
Goran Prpić1964-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Igors Miglinieks1964-Olympic Medalists
Karen Phillips1966-Olympic Medalists
Stavroula Zygouri1968-Notable Athletes
Yelena Dendeberova1969-Olympic Medalists
Dawn Staley1970-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Tandi Wright1970-Notable Actors and Actresses
Lin Li1970-Olympic Medalists
Gretchen Ulion1972-Olympic Medalists
Lance Bass1979-Notable Musicians
Tania Di Mario1979-Olympic Medalists
Kubrat Pulev1981-Notable Athletes
Markus Rogan1982-Olympic Medalists
Sjoerd Winkens1983-Notable Athletes
Rasim Tagirbekov1984-Notable Athletes
Fernandinho1985-Notable Athletes
Scott Spedding1986-Notable Athletes
Cesc Fàbregas1987-Notable Athletes
Romina Laurito1987-Olympic Medalists
Radja Nainggolan1988-Notable Athletes
Trevor Nyakane1989-Notable Athletes
Yulia Koltunova1989-Olympic Medalists
Dániel Gyurta1989-Olympic Medalists
Tamás Kulifai1989-Olympic Medalists
Irina Falconi1990-Notable Athletes
Fitzgerald Toussaint1990-Notable Athletes
Brianne Jenner1991-Olympic Medalists
Kyshoen Jarrett1993-Notable Athletes
Karlos Williams1993-Notable Athletes
Tiaan Snyman1996-Notable Athletes
Henrik of Denmark2009-Other Royalty