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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is August; and the birth day is 19
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Probusc. 232-282Roman and Byzantine Emperors
Jules van Zuylen van Nijevelt1819-1894Dutch Prime Ministers
Frans Schollaert1851-1917Belgian Prime Ministers
Orville Wright1871-1948Notable Scientists and Inventors
Manuel L. Quezon1878-1944Other Leaders
Axel Pehrsson-Bramstorp1883-1954Swedish Prime Ministers
José Mendes Cabeçadas1883-1965Portuguese Presidents and Prime Ministers
Coco Chanel1883-1971Notable Artists
Bertil Uggla1890-1945Olympic Medalists
Georges Boucher1896-1960Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Vilho Niittymaa1896-1979Olympic Medalists
James Gould Cozzens1903-1978Pulitzer Award Winners
Peter Kemp1913-1993Notable Writers
Maurice Bourgès-Maunoury1914-1993French Presidents and Prime Ministers
Malcolm Forbes1919-1990Notable Businesspeople
Willard Boyle1924-2011Nobel Prize Winners
Stanislav Petukhov1937-Olympic Medalists
Johnny Nash1940-2020Notable Musicians
Jill St. John1940-Notable Actors and Actresses
Edwin Hawkins1943-2018Notable Musicians
Bill Clinton1946-American Presidents
Gerald McRaney1947-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jim Carter1948-Notable Actors and Actresses
Uta Schmuck1949-Olympic Medalists
Jonathan Frakes1952-Notable Actors and Actresses
Peter Gallagher1955-Notable Actors and Actresses
Cesare Prandelli1957-Notable Athletes
Anthony Muñoz1958-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Morten Andersen1960-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes
Cor Bakker1961-Notable Musicians
Raimonds Vilde1962-Olympic Medalists
John Stamos1963-Notable Actors and Actresses
Valeri Tikhonenko1964-Olympic Medalists
Kyra Sedgwick1965-Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Saeed Al-Owairan1967-Notable Athletes
Matthew Perry1969-Notable Actors and Actresses
Clare Waight Keller1970-Notable Artists
Mary Joe Fernández1971-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Kim Tae-gyun1971-Olympic Medalists
Tasma Walton1973-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mette-Marit of Norway1973-Other Royalty
Tracie Thoms1975-Notable Actors and Actresses
Callum Blue1977-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jan Hudec, Jr.1981-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Tania Nolan1983-Notable Actors and Actresses
Beibut Shumenov1983-Notable Athletes
Tammin Sursok1983-Notable Actors and Actresses
Andrea Giovi1983-Olympic Medalists
Vijay Kumar1985-Olympic Medalists
Lars Nelson1985-Olympic Medalists
Saori Kimura1986-Olympic Medalists
Tian Qing1986-Olympic Medalists
Nico Hülkenberg1987-Notable Athletes
Samuela Vunisa1988-Notable Athletes
Anel Raskaj1989-Notable Athletes
Ramik Wilson1992-Notable Athletes