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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is August; and the birth day is 6
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Go-Toba1180-1239Japanese Emperors
Karl VII Albrecht1697-1745Bohemian Kings, German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors
William Hyde Wollaston1766-1828Notable Scientists and Inventors
Justinus van der Brugghen1804-1863Dutch Prime Ministers
Alfred Tennyson1809-1892Notable Writers
Edith Roosevelt1861-1948American First Ladies
Pierre de Witasse1878-1956Other Leaders
Kyrre Grepp1879-1922Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Alexander Fleming1881-1955Nobel Prize Winners, Notable Scientists and Inventors
Henny Skjønberg1886-1973Notable Actors and Actresses
Ballard Berkeley1904-1988Notable Actors and Actresses
Simeon Toribio1905-1969Olympic Medalists
Lucille Ball1911-1989Emmy Award Winners, Notable Actors and Actresses
Dom Mintoff1916-2012Other Leaders
Robert Mitchum1917-1997Notable Actors and Actresses
Galeazzo Benti1923-1993Notable Actors and Actresses
Frank Finlay1926-2016Notable Actors and Actresses
Andy Warhol1928-1987Notable Artists, Title Characters
Landelino Lavilla Alsina1934-2020Notable Politicians and Statespeople
Louise Sorel1940-Notable Actors and Actresses
Talia Shapira1946-1992Notable Actors and Actresses
Yevgeni Zimin1947-Notable Athletes
Goran Tribuson1948-Notable Writers
Catherine Hicks1951-Notable Actors and Actresses
Michael Stamm1952-Olympic Medalists
Stepfanie Kramer1956-Notable Actors and Actresses
Leland Orser1960-Notable Actors and Actresses
Michelle Yeoh1962-Notable Actors and Actresses
Tony Dees1963-Olympic Medalists
Jeremy Ratchford1965-Notable Actors and Actresses
David Robinson1965-Hall-of-Famers, Most Valuable Players, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
M. Night Shyamalan1970-Notable Filmmakers
Merrin Dungey1971-Notable Actors and Actresses
Vera Farmiga1973-Notable Actors and Actresses, Notable Filmmakers
Ever Carradine1974-Notable Actors and Actresses
Melissa George1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
Zoila Barros1976-Olympic Medalists
Marija Škaričić1977-Notable Actors and Actresses
Ovidiu Tonița1980-Notable Athletes
Roman Weidenfeller1980-Notable Athletes
Kendall Beck1981-Notable Athletes
Dănuț Dumbravă1981-Notable Athletes
Rinat Matatov1981-Notable Actors and Actresses
Jesse Williams1981-Notable Actors and Actresses
Lucie Décosse1981-Olympic Medalists
Romola Garai1982-Notable Actors and Actresses
Robin van Persie1983-Notable Athletes
Vedad Ibišević1984-Notable Athletes
Choi Hyeon-ju1984-Olympic Medalists
Garrett Weber-Gale1985-Olympic Medalists
Shannon Szabados1986-Olympic Medalists
Ivan Shtyl1986-Olympic Medalists
Kateryna Tarasenko1987-Olympic Medalists
Justin Tipuric1989-Notable Athletes
Jiao Liuyang1991-Olympic Medalists
Tre Mason1993-Notable Athletes
Donte Moncrief1993-Notable Athletes
Forrest Goodluck1998-Notable Actors and Actresses
Ty Simpkins2001-Notable Actors and Actresses