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This is a list of namesakes in which the birth month is September; and the birth day is 23
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Augustus63 BC-14Biblical Characters, Roman and Byzantine Emperors, Shakespearian Characters
Kublai Khan1215-1294Chinese Emperors, Other Royalty
Fernando VI1713-1759Spanish Kings and Queens
Go-Sakuramachi1740-1813Japanese Emperors
Kokaku1771-1840Japanese Emperors
Fabre Geffrard1806-1878Haitian Presidents
Konstantin Stoilov1853-1901Bulgarian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Baroness Orczy1865-1947Notable Writers
Francis Lane1874-1927Olympic Medalists
Ernst Streeruwitz1874-1952Austrian Chancellors and Presidents
John Boyd Orr1880-1971Nobel Prize Winners
Gösta Holmér1891-1983Olympic Medalists
Jaroslav Seifert1901-1986Nobel Prize Winners
Ion Gheorghe Maurer1902-2000Romanian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Laura Sjöqvist1903-1964Olympic Medalists
Philip Edwards1907-1971Olympic Medalists
Clifford Shull1915-2001Nobel Prize Winners
Aldo Moro1916-1978Italian Presidents and Prime Ministers
Mickey Rooney1920-2014Notable Actors and Actresses
John Coltrane1926-1967Notable Musicians
Valentin Kuzin1926-1995Olympic Medalists
Colin Blakely1930-1987Notable Actors and Actresses
Ray Charles1930-2004Grammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians, Rock and Roll Hall-of-Famers
Rink Babka1936-Olympic Medalists
Romy Schneider1938-1982Notable Actors and Actresses
Michel Temer1940-Brazilian Presidents
Jeillo Edwards1942-2004Notable Actors and Actresses
Julio Iglesias1943-Notable Musicians
Peter Nottet1944-Olympic Medalists
Caroline Lagerfelt1947-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mary Kay Place1947-Notable Actors and Actresses
Quini1949-2018Notable Athletes
Floella Benjamin1949-Notable Actors and Actresses
Bruce Springsteen1949-Grammy Award Winners, Notable Musicians
Maren Jensen1956-Notable Actors and Actresses
Paolo Rossi1956-Notable Athletes
Ljubinka Janković1958-Olympic Medalists
Hortência Marcari1959-Hall-of-Famers, Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Fernando Romay1959-Olympic Medalists
Guenter Seidel1960-Olympic Medalists
Chi McBride1961-Notable Actors and Actresses
Mark Woodforde1965-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Masashi Nakayama1967-Notable Athletes
Todd Brost1967-Olympic Medalists
Oris Erhuero1968-Notable Actors and Actresses
Crispin Bonham-Carter1969-Notable Actors and Actresses
Peri Sandria1969-Notable Athletes
Collin Mitchell1969-Olympic Medalists
Sergey Tetyukhin1975-Olympic Medalists
Rob James-Collier1976-Notable Actors and Actresses
Brent Abernathy1977-Olympic Medalists
Anthony Mackie1978-Notable Actors and Actresses
Aubrey Dollar1980-Notable Actors and Actresses
Helen Richardson-Walsh1981-Olympic Medalists
Dhafir Smith1982-Notable Athletes
Marcelo Melo1983-Notable Athletes
Carly Piper1983-Olympic Medalists
Matey Kaziyski1984-Notable Athletes
Chris Johnson1985-Notable Athletes
Ambati Rayudu1985-Notable Athletes
Kraig Urbik1985-Notable Athletes
Nahomi Kawasumi1985-Olympic Medalists
Evi Van Acker1985-Olympic Medalists
Mansur Isaev1986-Olympic Medalists
Tim Jenniskens1986-Olympic Medalists
Juan Martín del Potro1988-Notable Athletes, Olympic Medalists
Çağatay Ulusoy1990-Notable Actors and Actresses
Zach Fulton1991-Notable Athletes
Bakhtiar Rahmani1991-Notable Athletes
Tyeler Davison1992-Notable Athletes
Oğuzhan Özyakup1992-Notable Athletes
Finn Russell1992-Notable Athletes
D'Joun Smith1992-Notable Athletes