Notable Activists and Revolutionaries

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of activism.
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NameLifespanOther Names
William Apess1798-1839(Apes)
Julian Assange1971-
Dennis Banks1937-2017
Mary Brave Bird1954-2013(Brave Woman, Crow Dog, Moore, Olguin, Richard)
Fidel Castro1926-2016(Ruz)
Leonard Crow Dog1942-
Eufrosina Cruz1979-(Mendoza)
Vine Deloria Jr.1933-2005
Frederick Douglass1818-1895
Adam Fortunate Eagle1929-(Nordwall)
Elizabeth Fry1780-1845
Matilda Joslyn Gage1826-1898
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi1869-1948
Che Guevara1928-1967
Helen Keller1880-1968
Florynce Kennedy1916-2000
Margot Kidder1948-2018
Q'orianka Kilcher1990-
Martin Luther King Jr.1929-1968
Sheila Kitzinger1929-2015
Vladimir Lenin1870-1924
Nelson Mandela1918-2013
D'Arcy McNickle1904-1977
Russell Means1939-2012
John Mohawk1945-2006
Farley Mowat1921-2014
Thomas Paine1737-1809
Rosa Parks1913-2005
Duke Redbird1939-
Buffy Sainte-Marie1941-
Spartacus?-71 BC
Gloria Steinem1934-
Haunani-Kay Trask1949-
Leon Trotsky1879-1940
John Trudell1946-2015
Harriet Tubmanc. 1822-1913
Desmond Tutu1931-
William Wallace?-1305
Floyd "Red Crow" Westerman1936-2007
Malcolm X1925-1965(Little)
Zitkála-Šá1876-1938(Simmons, Bonnin)