Egyptian Pharaohs

This list is comprised of Egyptian pharaohs. Also included are the Persian and Greek rulers who succeeded the pharaohs and used the title. Pharaohs whose names are not known, or only partially known, are excluded.
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Khufuc. 2589-2566 BC
Ahmose Ic. 1550-c. 1525 BC
Amenhotep Ic. 1526-c. 1506 BC
Thutmose I1506-1493 BC
Thutmose II1493-1479 BC
Hatshepsutc. 1479-1458 BC
Thutmose III1479-1425 BC
Amenhotep IIc. 1427-c. 1401 BC
Thutmose IVc. 1401-c. 1391 BC
Amenhotep IIIc. 1391-c. 1353 BC
Akhenatenc. 1353-c. 1336 BC
Smenkhkarec. 1335-c. 1334 BC
Neferneferuatenc. 1334-c. 1332 BC
Tutankhamunc. 1332-c. 1323 BC
Ayc. 1323-c. 1319 BC
Horemheb1319-1292 BC
Ramesses Ic. 1292-c. 1290 BC
Seti I1290-1279 BC
Ramesses II the Great1279-1213 BC
Merneptah1213-1203 BC
Amenmessec. 1203-c. 1198 BC
Seti IIc. 1203-1194 BC
Siptahc. 1197-c. 1191 BC
Twosretc. 1191-1189 BC
Setnakhte1189-1186 BC
Ramesses III1186-1155 BC
Ramesses IV1155-1149 BC
Ramesses V1149-1145 BC
Ramesses VI1145-1137 BC
Ramesses VIIc. 1136-c. 1130 BC
Ramesses VIIIc. 1130-c. 1129 BC
Ramesses IX1129-1111 BC
Ramesses X1111-1107 BC
Ramesses XI1107-c. 1078 BC
Smendesc. 1077-1052 BC
Amenemnisuc. 1052-c. 1047 BC
Psusennes I1047-1001 BC
Amenemope1001-992 BC
Osorkon the Elder992-986 BC
Siamun986-967 BC
Psusennes II967-943 BC
Shoshenq I943-922 BC
Osorkon I922-887 BC
Shoshenq II887-885 BC
Takelot I885-872 BC
Osorkon II872-837 BC
Shoshenq III837-798 BC
Takelot IIc. 835-c. 815 BC
Pedubast Ic. 824-c. 800 BC
Shoshenq VIc. 804-c. 798 BC
Shoshenq IV798-785 BC
Osorkon IIIc. 798-c. 769 BC
Pami785-778 BC
Shoshenq Vc. 778-c. 740 BC
Takelot IIIc. 774-c. 759 BC
Rudamunc. 759-c. 755 BC
Piye752-721 BC
Tefnakhtec. 732-c. 725 BC
Bakenranefc. 725-c. 720 BC
Shabaka721-707 BC
Shebitku707-690 BC
Taharqa690-664 BC
Necho I672-664 BC
Tantamani664-656 BC
Psamtik I664-610 BC
Necho II610-595 BC
Psamtik II595-589 BC
Apries589-570 BC
Amasis II570-526 BC
Psamtik III526-525 BC
Cambyses II525-522 BC
Bardiya522 BC
Darius I the Great522-486 BC
Xerxes I the Great486-465 BC
Artaxerxes I465-424 BC
Xerxes II424 BC
Sogdianus424-423 BC
Darius II423-404 BC
Amyrtaeus404-399 BC
Nepherites I398-393 BC
Psammuthesc. 393-c. 392 BC
Hakorc. 392-c. 380 BC
Nepherites IIc. 380 BC
Nectanebo I380-362 BC
Teosc. 362-c. 360 BC
Nectanebo II360-343 BC
Artaxerxes III343-338 BC
Artaxerxes IV338-336 BC
Darius III Codomannus336-332 BC
Alexander the Great332-323 BC
Philip III Arrhidaeus323-317 BC
Alexander IV323-311 BC
Ptolemy I Soter305-283 BC
Ptolemy II Philadelphus283-246 BC
Ptolemy III Euergetes246-222 BC
Ptolemy IV Philopator221-204 BC
Ptolemy V Epiphanes204-181 BC
Ptolemy VI Philometor180-145 BC
Ptolemy VIII Physcon169-163 BC; 144-131 BC; 127-116 BC
Cleopatra II131-127 BC
Cleopatra III116-101 BC
Ptolemy IX Lathyros116-110 BC; 109-107 BC; 88-81 BC
Ptolemy X Alexander110-109 BC; 107-88 BC
Berenice III81-80 BC
Ptolemy XI Alexander80 BC
Ptolemy XII Auletes80-58 BC; 55-51 BC
Cleopatra V Tryphaena58-57 BC
Berenice IV Epiphaneia58-55 BC
Cleopatra VII Philopator51-30 BC