Indian Sultans and Emperors

This list is comprised of the Sultans of Delhi who ruled parts of northern India between 1206 and 1526, and the Mughal Emperors who replaced them and ruled until the British came to power in the 19th century. Also included are the Sur dynasty who briefly ruled from Delhi in the 16th century.
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Qutb ud-Din Aibak1206-1210
Aram Shah1210-1211
Shams ud-Din Iltutmish1211-1236
Rukn ud-Din Firuz1236
Raziyya ud-Din1236-1240
Muiz ud-Din Bahram1240-1242
Ala ud-Din Masud1242-1246
Nasir ud-Din Mahmud1246-1266
Ghiyas ud-Din Balban1266-1287
Muiz ud-Din Qaiqabad1287-1290
Jalal ud-Din Firuz Khilji1290-1296
Ala ud-Din Khilji1296-1316
Qutb ud-Din Mubarak Shah1316-1320
Khusro Khan1320
Ghiyas ud-Din Tughluq1321-1325
Muhammad bin Tughluq1325-1351
Firuz Shah Tughlaq1351-1388
Tughluq Khan1388-1389
Abu Bakr Shah1389-1390
Nasir ud-Din Muhammad Shah1390-1394
Ala ud-Din Sikandar Shah1394
Nasir ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq1394-1412
Khizr Khan1414-1421
Mubarak Shah1421-1434
Muhammad Shah1434-1445
Ala ud-Din Alam Shah1445-1451
Bahlul Khan Lodi1451-1489
Sikandar Lodi1489-1517
Ibrahim Lodi1517-1526
Humayun1530-1540; 1555-1556
Sher Shah Suri1540-1545
Islam Shah Suri1545-1554
Firuz Shah Suri1554
Muhammad Adil Shah1554-1555
Ibrahim Shah Suri1555
Sikandar Shah Suri1555
Akbar I the Great1556-1605
Shah Jahan I1628-1658
Muhammad Azam Shah1707
Bahadur Shah I1707-1712
Jahandar Shah1712-1713
Rafi ud-Darajat1719
Shah Jahan II1719
Muhammad Shah1719-1748
Ahmad Shah Bahadur1748-1754
Alamgir II1754-1759
Shah Jahan III1759-1760
Shah Alam II1759-1806
Akbar II1806-1837
Bahadur Shah II1837-1857