Portuguese Kings and Queens

In 1139 Afonso Henriques was proclaimed king of an independent Portugal, which had until that time been a county within the Kingdom of León. Over the next century Afonso and his successors expanded the borders of the kingdom southward at the expense of the Moors in southern Iberia. By 1249 Portugal had attained its present extent. Portugal reached the zenith of its power in the 16th century.

In 1580 the Portuguese crown went to King Filipe of Spain (known as Felipe II to the Spanish). Portugal was ruled by Spanish Habsburgs until 1640, when a rebellion removed this line of kings from power and installed the House of Braganza.

The Braganza dynasty held power until 1910, when the monarchy was abolished and a republic established.

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Afonso I the Conqueror1139-1185
Sancho I the Populator1185-1212
Afonso II the Fat1212-1223
Sancho II the Pius1223-1247
Afonso III1248-1279
Afonso IV the Brave1325-1357
Pedro I the Just1357-1367
Fernando I the Handsome1367-1383
João I the Good1385-1433
Duarte the Philosopher1433-1438
Afonso V the African1438-1477; 1477-1481
João II1477; 1481-1495
Manuel I the Fortunate1495-1521
João III the Pious1521-1557
Henrique I the Chaste1578-1580
Filipe I the Prudent1580-1598
Filipe II the Pious1598-1621
Filipe III1621-1640
João IV the Restorer1640-1656
Afonso VI the Victorious1656-1683
Pedro II the Pacific1683-1706
João V the Magnanimous1706-1750
José I the Reformer1750-1777
Maria I1777-1816
João VI1816-1826
Pedro IV1826
Maria II1826-1828; 1834-1853
Pedro V1853-1861
Manuel II1908-1910