Title Characters

This is a list of people who appear in book/song/film titles.
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Jonny Vang2003filmJonny Vang
Tony Veitch1983bookThe Papers of Tony Veitch
Velva Jean2011bookVelva Jean Learns to Fly
Verity2012bookCode Name Verity
Veronika1998bookVeronika Decides to Die
Victor1982; 1995film; musicalVictor Victoria; Victor/Victoria
Victoria1982; 1995film; musicalVictor Victoria; Victor/Victoria
Victoria2003bookVictoria and the Rogue
Sal Villanueva2002songThe Ballad Of Sal Villanueva
Vincent2014filmSt. Vincent
Gene Vincent1977songSweet Gene Vincent
Violet1999bookViolet & Claire
Violet2007bookViolet on the Runway
Virginia1998songMeet Virginia
Vlad III Dracula2009songVlad The Impaler
Betty Wales1904bookBetty Wales, Freshman
John Walker2002songJohn Walker's Blues
Rachel Wallace1980bookLooking For Rachel Wallace
Walter1982songWalter's Walk
Wanda1971bookWanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories: And Other Disasters
Andy Warhol1971songAndy Warhol
Emma Watson1996bookEmma Watson
Waylon2010songBlame It on Waylon
Wayne1992filmWayne's World
Noa Weber2001bookThe Confessions of Noa Weber
Wendell1985songWendell Gee
Wendy1990songTomorrow Wendy
Wesley2015songWesley's Theory
Meg White2008songMeg White
Charles Whitman1973songThe Ballad Of Charles Whitman
Whitney1985bookWhitney, My Love
Ralph Wiggum2005songRalph Wiggum
Irene Wilde1976songIrene Wilde
Will2006songEverything'll Be Alright (Will's Lullaby)
William1922bookJust William
William2009songWilliam's Last Words
William1994tv showWilliam's Wish Wellingtons
William1984songWilliam, It Was Really Nothing
Barry Williams2002songThe Barry Williams Show
Willie1989songKissing Willie
Willie2003songWeed With Willie
Willie1985songWillie the Wimp
John Willie1926songJohn Willie, Come On!
Willow2008bookDiamond Willow
Willy1972songLittle Willy
Jackie Wilson1982songJackie Wilson Said
Aggie Winchester2011bookThe Implosion of Aggie Winchester
Emily Windsnap2003bookThe Tail of Emily Windsnap
Winona2008songShe's My Winona
Winona2008songShe's My Winona
Harry Winston2008bookChasing Harry Winston
Ruby Winters2007bookRuby Red
Suzie Wong1957bookThe World Of Suzie Wong
Willy Wonka1971; 2004film; musicalWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; Willy Wonka; Willy Wonka Junior
Lauren Wood2009bookGetting Revenge on Lauren Wood
Emma Woodhouse1815; 2014bookEmma; Emma: A Modern Retelling
Alex Woods2013bookThe Universe Versus Alex Woods
Woody1962songSong To Woody
Frank Lloyd Wright1970songSo Long, Frank Lloyd Wright
Wyatt2008songLullaby For Wyatt
Wynona1995songWynona's Big Brown Beaver
Yael2011songHush Yael
Diane Young2013songDiane Young
Zac2013bookZac and Mia
Zach2001bookZach's Lie
Zachariah1974bookZ for Zachariah
Zanna2002musicalZanna, Don't!
Frank Zappa2005songJust Like Frank Zappa
Zipporah2004bookZipporah, Wife of Moses
Zoe1991songFlowers For Zoe
Zoe2003songZoe Jane
Jacob de Zoet2010bookThe Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
Zoey1994; 1996; 1997bookWhat Zoey Saw; Zoey Fools Around; Don't Tell Zoey; Zoey Plays Games; Zoey Speaks Out; Always Loving Zoey
Zula2013songSong For Zula