Title Characters

This is a list of people who appear in book/song/film titles.
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Velva Jean2011bookVelva Jean Learns to Fly
Vera Lynn1979songVera
Vera Drake2004filmVera Drake
Veronica Guerin2003filmVeronica Guerin
Veronica Mars2004tv showVeronica Mars
Veronica Sawyer2009songVeronica Sawyer Smokes
Veronika1998bookVeronika Decides to Die
Eddie1915musicalVery Good, Eddie
Victor Jara2008songVictor Jara's Hands
Victor1982; 1995film; musicalVictor Victoria; Victor/Victoria
Victoria1982; 1995film; musicalVictor Victoria; Victor/Victoria
Victoria2003bookVictoria and the Rogue
Claire1999bookViolet & Claire
Violet1999bookViolet & Claire
Violet Clay1978bookViolet Clay
Violet2007bookViolet on the Runway
Johanna1966songVisions Of Johanna
Vlad III Dracula2009songVlad The Impaler
Margaret Ann Brady1998bookVoyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann Brady, R.M.S. Titanic, 1912
Helen1986bookWait Till Helen Comes
Joe2002songWaitin' On Joe
Amelia2000songWaiting For Amelia
Margaux2000songWaiting For Margaux
June2013songWaiting on June
Susie1957songWake Up Little Susie
Renee1966songWalk Away Renee
Walter1982songWalter's Walk
Matilda1895songWaltzing Matilda
Wanda1971bookWanda Hickey's Night of Golden Memories: And Other Disasters
Wayne1992filmWayne's World
Kevin2003bookWe Need to Talk About Kevin
Willie2003songWeed With Willie
Wendell1985songWendell Gee
Wendy Testaburger2000songWendy's C-nt Song
Wesley2015songWesley's Theory
Donnie2008songWhat a Catch, Donnie
Bob1991filmWhat About Bob?
Jamie1991bookWhat Jamie Saw
Katie2004songWhat Katie Did
Katy1872; 2005book; songWhat Katy Did; What Katy Did Next
Maisie2012filmWhat Maisie Knew
Sammy1964musicalWhat Makes Sammy Run?
Sarah2005songWhat Sarah Said
Emma2008bookWhat Would Emma Do?
Zoey1994; 1996; 1997bookWhat Zoey Saw; Zoey Fools Around; Don't Tell Zoey; Zoey Plays Games; Zoey Speaks Out; Always Loving Zoey
Kenneth1994songWhat's the Frequency, Kenneth?
Mary Jane1996songWhat's The New Mary Jane
Janie1993bookWhatever Happened to Janie?
Lola2007filmWhatever Lola Wants
Bill Hicks2006songWhen Bill Hicks Died
Sally Albright1989filmWhen Harry Met Sally...
Harry Burns1989filmWhen Harry Met Sally...
Joe2011bookWhen I Was Joe
Johnny1862songWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home
Kyle2011bookWhen Kyle Came Back
Debbie2014songWhere's Your Car Debbie?
Billy1969songWhich Way You Goin' Billy?
Whitney1985bookWhitney, My Love
Eddie Leonard1993bookWho Is Eddie Leonard?
David2004songWho's David
Donna1985songWho's Holding Donna Now
Johnny1986songWho's Johnny
Rosie1977songWhole Lotta Rosie
Rosemary1969songWhy Didn't Rosemary?
Billy1973songWild Billy's Circus Story
Will Grayson2010bookWill Grayson, Will Grayson
William1984songWilliam, It Was Really Nothing
William2009songWilliam's Last Words
William1994tv showWilliam's Wish Wellingtons
Willie1985songWillie the Wimp
Willy Wonka1971; 2004film; musicalWilly Wonka & the Chocolate Factory; Willy Wonka; Willy Wonka Junior
Marie2006songWings for Marie, Pt. 1
Winston Churchill2004bookWinston Churchill And His Great Wars
Brandon2013songWinter Dreams (Brandon's Song)
Tess2011bookWithout Tess
Annie1954songWork with Me, Annie
Ray2007songWorried About Ray
Wynona1995songWynona's Big Brown Beaver
George2007songYo George
Al1986songYou Can Call Me Al
Jack2010filmYou Don't Know Jack
Jim1972songYou Don't Mess Around With Jim
Andrew2009songYou Wouldn't Cry (Andrew's Song)
Charlie Brown1959; 1967; 2011musical; songYou're a Good Man, Charlie Brown; Charlie Brown
Zachariah1974bookZ for Zachariah
Mia2013bookZac and Mia
Zac2013bookZac and Mia
Zach2001bookZach's Lie
Zanna2002musicalZanna, Don't!
Zipporah2004bookZipporah, Wife of Moses
Zoe2003songZoe Jane