jocatchi's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark
Afogori m & f  "s/he gets buried around" (Banjal/Bandial) [death prevention name] 
Ahmicqui f & m  "something that does not die" (Nahuatl) 
Aimut m  "may he not die" (Amharic) 
Alter m  "old" (Yiddish) 
Amadi 2 m  "seemed destined to die at birth" (Yoruba) 
Amul-yaakaar m & f  "s/he has no hope" (Wolof) [death prevention name] 
Angerlarneq f  "she who has returned home" after dead family member (South Greenlandic) 
Asaaseasa m & f  "the land is finished" - no more land for burials, stay here (Akan) 
Asefi f  "enough girls" (Haitian Creole) 
Aselhomme m  "enough men" (Haitian Creole) 
Awiti f  "thrown away" (Luo) 
Beduna m  "is it bad?" (uncertain source) 
Botagoz f  "[baby] camel eye" - evil eye? (Kazakh) 
Çetulo f  "died coming" (Banjal/Bandial) [death prevention name] 
Child-of-god m & f  Given to child expected to die at/soon after birth (Puritan) 
Chimika f & m  herb used to carry pregnancy to term (Tumbuka) 
Claremonde f
Confortata f  “comforted” (Latin) augurative name, given after death of previous child 
Consolat m  "consoled, comforted" (Latin) often given to a child born after the death of another 
Creature f & m  infants who survived birth just long enough to be baptised (Medieval English) 
Dikaya m & f  "is going nowhere" (Manjak) [death prevention name] 
Dinkyene m & f  "eat salt" - symbolises being alive (Akan) 
Enebish f & m  "not this one" (Mongolian) 
Fedude m & f  "death has ended" - marks end of premature death in family (Ijaw) 
Felagha f & m  "death has not reached me" (Ijaw) 
God-help m & f  prayer for help if mother and/or child’s life is in danger (Puritan) 
Guondibo m & f  "they inter you there" (Banjal/Bandial) [death prevention name] 
Guyyah m  "graves" - short form [Ammenguyyah] (Bandial) 
Have-mercy f & m  prayer for mercy if mother and/or child’s life is in danger (Puritan) 
Iredia m  "stay" (Esan) 
Joy-again f  birth after previous loss (Puritan) 
Joy-againe m & f  birth after previous loss (Puritan) 
Katuma m  "to send" - last-born of triplets, not to be sent on errands (Luba) 
Kéehu m & f  "the one who dies" or "the dead one" (Manjak) [death prevention name] 
Ketugay m & f  "die till you get tired of it" (Jola) 
Khasar m  "a fearsome dog" - refers to stone guard dog/lion OR "archer" (Mongolian) 
Khenbish m & f  "nobody" (Mongolian) 
Khulan f  "onager, wild donkey" (Mongolian) 
Khünbish m & f  "not human" (Mongolian) 
Kokumo m & f  "he will not die anymore" (Yoruba) [Abiku name] 
Kutuna f  "favorite; intimate" OR "amulet [to ward off evil/evil eye]" (Basque) 
Medekhgüi m & f  "I don't know" (Mongolian) 
Mutunga m  "to return, replace, put back" - replacement for the departed (Kamba) see also Katunga, Mutungwa, Musyoka 
Muunokhoi m  "vicious dog" (Mongolian) 
Nayden m
Nekhii m & f  "sheepskin" (Mongolian) 
Nemo m  "nobody" (Latin) 
Nergüi m & f  "no name" (Mongolian) 
Netsai f
Nkhumbwizhya m & f  “admire for a while” (Nsenga), given after death of older siblings 
Nugai m  "dog" (Mongolian) 
Nymandus m  "nobody" - given to orphans as given or byname (Germanic) see also Nemo 
Oghul Qaimish f  "next time a boy" (Mongolian) 
Ogtbish m & f  "not at all" (Mongolian) 
Ojo m  child born with umbilical cord around neck (Yoruba) 
Omotunde m  "the child has returned" (Yoruba) 
Ondiek m  determined to survive; lit. "hyena" (Luo) 
Oprea f
Otaiku m  "a hard stone can not die" (Yoruba) 
Panji m  “maybe” (Tumbuka) as in “maybe he will grow” 
Pomare m & f  "night cough" - changed name after death of child (Tahitian) 
Preserved m & f  child spared from certain death during childbirth (Puritan) 
Prodana f  "sold" (Serbian) 
Safe-on-high m & f  given to children expected to die (Puritan) 
Safe-on-highe m  'Often given to children expected to perish. References the safety of a child in Heaven versus earth' 
Shaka m
Sharmaarke m  "see no evil" or "protect from evil" (Somali) 
Skyldfri f  "innocent, guiltless" - foundlings/girls born out of wedlock (Danish) 
Sorghaghtani f  "pox girl" (Mongolian) 
Stemma f
Taiwo m & f
Tambudzai f
Terbish m & f  "not that one" (Mongolian) 
Tichaona m  "we will see" (Shona) 
Ti-sái m  "hog manure" (Taiwanese) [given to ward off evil spirits] 
Toktar m  "let it stay" (Kazakh) 
Tolegen m  "paid” - after death of male family member (Kazakh) 
Towera f  "beauty, beautiful" - given to a child born after death(s) of a preceding sibling (Tumbuka) 
Trajko m  "to last" (Macedonian) 
Turar m & f  "will live" - given to child not expected to live (Kazakh) 
Tursyn m  "let him live" (Karakalpak) 
Tursynbek m  "let it live" + "chieftain, master" (Karakalpak) 
Úfeigr m  "not fey, not doomed to die" (Old Norse) 
Vopiscus m  unknown; pos. given to a child whose twin was stillborn (Latin) 
Yeggul-ngon m & f  "s/he has not reached the afternoon" (Wolof) [death prevention name] 
Yue f & m  supposedly "tragic accident" in Japanese, given to infants who die soon after birth [] 
Yurena f  "evil spirit" (Guanche) 
Zavida m  "to envy" - prevent spirits from envying (Serbian) 
Zaviša m  see Zavida 
Zvidzai m  "despise, look down upon" (shona)