schwartz93's Personal Name List

Name M/F Remark Rating
Andrew m  6 "manly, masculine" 
Ansel m  5 "god" and "helmet, protection" 
Anthony m  7 *of unknown Etruscan origin 
Ariston m  7 "the best" 
Asher m  5 "happy, blessed" 
Benjamin m  8 "son of the right hand" 
Brandon m  7 "prince" or "hill covered with broom" 
Brock m  5 "badger" 
Brody m  5 "ditch, mire" 
Chandler m  8 "candle seller" 
Charlie m & f
Christopher m
Craig m  5 "crag" or "rocks" 
Daniel m  6 "God is my judge" 
David m  5 "beloved" 
Emil m
Emmett m  6 "whole" or "universal" 
Eoghan m  6 "born from the yew tree" or "well born" 
Ethan m  5 "solid, enduring" 
Eugene m  6 "well born" 
Ewan m  4 "born from the yew tree" or "well born" 
Frederick m  9 "peaceful ruler" 
Gabriel m  7 "God is my strong man" 
Gavin m  5 "hawk" 
George m  6 "farmer, earthworker" 
Graham m  6 "gravelly homestead" 
Grant m  5 "great, large" 
Gregor m  6 "watchful, alert" 
Gregory m  7 "watchful, alert" 
Harvey m  6 "battle worthy" 
Henry m  5 "home ruler" 
Isaac m  5 "he will laugh, he will rejoice" 
Jack m  4 "Yahweh is gracious" ("to become") 
Jacob m  5 "may God protect" or "supplanter" 
James m  5 "may God protect" or "supplanter" 
Jared m  5 "descent" 
Jason m  5 "to heal" 
Joseph m  6 "he will add" 
Joshua m  6 "Yahweh is salvation" ("to become") 
Kit m & f
Laurence 1 m  8 "from Laurentum" (a city in ancient Italy, meaning "laurel") 
Marco m  5 "male" 
Mark m
Matthew m  7 "gift of Yahweh" ("to become") 
Michael m  7 "who is like God?" 
Nicholas m  8 "victory of the people" 
Noah 1 m  4 "rest, repose" 
Oliver m  6 "ancestor's descendent" or "olive tree" 
Preston m  7 "priest town" 
Ray m  3 "advice, protector" or "beam of light" 
Rhys m  4 "enthusiasm" 
Richard m  7 "brave ruler" 
Riley m  5 "rye clearing" 
Ryan m
Samuel m  6 "name of God" or "God has heard" 
Scott m  5 "Gaelic speaker" 
Sebastian m  9 "from Sebaste" ("venerable") 
Sören m  5 "stern" 
Stephen m  7 "crown" 
Ted m
Walter m  6 "ruler of the army" 
William m  7 "will, desire" and "helmet, protection"