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Name Seton
Type Surname (from location)
Usage Scottish
Pronounced Pron. SEETON
Other Forms FormsSeaton, Seeton, Seyton
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Meaning & History

It has been claimed in the past that the name Seton is Norman in origin, however evidence points to it being Flemish. Various suggestions have been put forward regarding the derivation of the name but nothing proved conclusively; it probably means "town by the sea" and possibly derives from the "sea town" of Staithes in modern day North Yorkshire. The family was given land close to modern day Prestonpans by David I and maintained close links with the Scottish royalty up until the 16th century. Lady Christina Bruce, sister to Robert the Bruce, married a Christopher Seton who was knighted by Bruce in recognition of his loyalty. Also one of Mary Queen of Scots' ladies-in-waiting (the four Marys) was a Mary Seton.
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