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Name Conway
Type Surname (from location)
Usage Welsh, Scottish, Irish
Pronounced Pron. KAWN-way
Other Forms FormsConwy
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Meaning & History

As a Welsh surname, it comes from the name of a fortified town on the coast of North Wales (Conwy formerly Conway), taken from the name of the river on which it stands. The river name #Conwy# may mean "holy water" in Welsh. As a Scottish surname it derives from the name of a place in Beauly parish which historically was the district where the local lord billeted his household troops, probably meaning "billet, free quarters" from Gaelic #coinmheadh#. As an anglicized Irish surname, it represents various Gaelic names, including #Mac Conmidhe#, #Ó Connmhaigh# or #Mac Connmhaigh#, and #Ó Conbhuide#.
Added 3/10/2012 by Megan Conway