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Name Boujettif
Type Surname (from given name)
Scripts Boujettif
Pronounced Pron. Bou je ttif
Other Forms FormsBoujettef / Boujeif / Bouji'f
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Meaning & History

Meaning, "The family of the son of the Clever Head" or "One Whom Possess a Clever Head." Bou (normally used in the North African Regions of the Maghrib Countries) has 2 possible derivative meanings both originating from the Arabic language, "Son of..." or an Arabic word Tho meaning, "One Who Possess A Quality." Jettif is a variance of Jettef, Jeif or Ji'f which is derived from the ancient Tamazight or Imazighen (popularly known as Berber) and is pronounced "j-ixf" which means Clever, head, or brain."
Added 11/17/2013 by Dr Ouali