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Name Mitsugi
Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 貢, 三木, 三津木, 三樹, 三次, 参木, 満木, 見次, 身次, 巳継 (kanji), 三ツ木 (kanji/katakana), みつぎ (hiragana), ミツギ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. MEE-TSUU-GEE
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Meaning & History

This surname is used as 貢, 三木, 三ツ木, 三津木, 三樹, 三次, 参木, 満木, 見次, 身次 or 巳継 with 貢 (ku, kou, meaning "finance, support, tribute", 三 (san, zou, mi, mi'.tsu, mi.tsu) meaning "three", 津 (shin, tsu) meaning "ferry, harbour, haven, port", 木 (boku, moku, ki, ko-) meaning "tree, wood", 樹 (juu, ki) meaning "timber trees, wood", 参 (san, shin, mai-,, majiwaru, mitsu) meaning "be defeated, be madly in love, coming, die, going, nonplussed, three, visit, visiting", 満 (ban, man, mi.tasu, mi.chiru, mi.tsu) meaning "enough, full, fullness, satisfy", 見 (ken, mi.eru, mi.seru, meaning "chances, hopes, idea, look at, opinion, see, visible", 身 (shin, mi) meaning "one's station in life, person, somebody", 次 (shi, ji, tsugi, meaning "next, order, sequence", 巳 (shi, mi) meaning "sign of the snake/serpent (6th sign of Chinese zodiac)" and 継 (kei,, mama-) meaning "graft (tree), inherit, patch, succeed."

Mitsugi (貢) is also used as a masculine given name.
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