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Name Manaka
Type Surname
Usage Japanese
Scripts 真中, 真仲, 間中, 間仲 (kanji), まなか (hiragana), マナカ (katakana)
Pronounced Pron. MAH-NAH-KAH
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Meaning & History

This surname combines 真 (shin, ma, ma-, makoto) meaning "Buddhist sect, reality, true" or 間 (kan, ken, ai, aida, ma) meaning "interval, space" with 中 (chuu,, uchi, naka) meaning "centre, in(side), mean, middle" or 仲 (chuu, naka) meaning "go-between, relationship."

One bearer of this surname is actress Hitomi Manaka (真中 瞳) (1979-).

Manaka is also used as a feminine given name.
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