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Name Bonacci
Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Italian
Pronounced Pron. bo-nah-chee
Other Forms FormsBonaccio, Bonaccii
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Meaning & History

"Bona" comes from the Italian for good, "Buona" and "cci" is ancient Latin form for "man." Thus, "the good man." A derivation of FiBonacci, or "son of Bonacci." Was the name of the famous mathematician, Leondardo de Pisa: Leonardo of Pisa is now known as Fibonacci short for filius Bonacci. There are a couple of explanations for the meaning of Fibonacci: Fibonacci is a shortening of the Latin "filius Bonacci", used in the title of his book Libar Abaci (of which mmore later), which means "the son of Bonaccio". His father's name was Guglielmo Bonaccio. Fi'-Bonacci is like the English names of Robin-son and John-son. But (in Italian) Bonacci is also the plural of Bonaccio; therefore, two early writers on Fibonacci (Boncompagni and Milanesi) regard Bonacci as his family name (as in "the Smiths" for the family of John Smith).
Fibonacci himself wrote both "Bonacci" and "Bonaccii" as well as "Bonacij"; the uncertainty in the spelling is partly to be ascribed to this mixture of spoken Italian and written Latin, common at that time. However he did not use the word "Fibonacci". This seems to have been a nickname probably originating in the works of Guillaume Libri in 1838, accordigng to L E Sigler's in his Introduction to Leonardo Pisano's Book of Squares. Others think Bonacci may be a kind of nick-name meaning "lucky son" (literally, "son of good fortune").
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