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Name Azuaje-fidalgo
Type Surname (from given name & from location)
Pronounced Pron. a-zo-a-yeh fee-DHAL-ghoo(Portuguese) a-sho-a-reh hee-DHAL-gho(Spanish) a-zo-a-gee fee-DHAL-ghoo(Italian)
Other Forms FormsSoagli-Hidalgo
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Meaning & History

Fidalgo from Galician and Portuguese filho de algo — equivalent to "nobleman", but sometimes literally translated into English as "son of somebody" or "son of some (important family)"—is a traditional title of Portuguese nobility that refers to a member of the titled or untitled nobility. A fidalgo is comparable in some ways to the French gentilhomme (the word also implies nobility by birth or by charge) and to the Italian nobile. The title was abolished after the overthrow of the Monarchy in 1910. It is also a family surname.
Azuaje from Italian is a toponymic surname from Canary islands that the designated a person who had originally lived in the town of Zoagli in Ducal Republic of Genoa.
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