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Name Ahishakiye
Type Surname (from given name)
Usage Rwandan
Pronounced Pron. A-HI-SHA-KI-YEH
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Meaning & History

AHISHAKIYE is a both male (most) and female name which means "Whenever God want" and is originally from Rwanda. It is a familiar name in the East African countries speaking Kinyarwanda and Kirundi such as Rwanda, Uganda, RDC, Burundi and Tanzania. The persons named AHISHAKIYE are passionate, optimistic, and God believers. They always believes that God is in control of everything and their achievements are followed by thankfulness to God whom they owe everything. They never get disappointment since it is a matter of time for them, and when the proper time comes God make it possible.
AHISHAKIYE was familiar in the 1980's until to day it is frequently appearing in Rwanda national registry.
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