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Name Schmoeckel
Type Surname (ornamental)
Pronounced Pron. SMEK-əl(East Prussian German)
Other Forms FormsSchmekel, Schmökel, Schmöckel, Schmockel, Smekel
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Meaning & History

Originally Smekel. In the 17th century the ‘Sm’ in Low German was gradually replaced by the ‘Schm’ from High German.

'From the Middle High German first names Schnechel, Scmechil derived from the Middle High German smaehe "small, low, invisible".'

Schnechel → Szmekel → Smekel → Schmekel → Schmoekel ⇝ Schmökel ⇢ Schmokel

Variant spellings: Schmoeckel ⇝ Schmöckel ⇢ Schmockel
Added 2/26/2021 by amanh