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Name Van Beek
Type Surname (from location)
Usage Dutch
Pronounced Pron. von - Beck
Other Forms FormsAverbeek, Bach, Bachman, Bachmann, Bachmans, Beck, Von der Becke, Becking, Beckman, Beckmann, Beckmans, Becks, Beckx, Becx, Beeck, Van Beeck, Beeckman, Beek, De Beek, Op de Beek, Te Beek, Ter Beek, Van der Beek, Van ter Beek, Beeke, Ter Beeke, Van der Beeke, Beekema, Beekes, Beeking, Beekink, Beekma, Beekman, Beekmann, Beekmans, Beeks, Beeksma, Beekx, Bek, Beke
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Meaning & History

Like Verbeek and Van de(r) Beek, the family name Van Beek can indicate a place of residence on a certain stream, the name for a narrow and shallow (clear and sometimes erratic) water stream, or in a village or hamlet that leads to a stream. is named, for example the Klingelbeek near Arnhem. For example, a name of origin may also be derived from a place called Beek, for example Beek en Donk, or Beek bij Princenhage, Beek bij Oeffelt, Beek bij Schijndel and Beek near Nuenen in North Brabant. Beek in the family name Van Beek can also stand for a compound place name with -beek, such as Oosterbeek and Klarenbeek in Gelderland.
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