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Name Mangrio
Type Surname (from nickname)
Usage Urdu, Sindhi
Scripts منگریو(Urdu) مݣڕیو, مڱريو, منڱريو(Sindhi-Arabic)
Pronounced Pron. man-GREE-o(Urdu)
Other Forms FormsManghrio, Mangryo, Mangrijo, Mangreo, Mangri, Mangria, Mangrea, Mangry, Magrio, Maghrio, Magreo, Magryo, Mangrija, Mangrjo, Mangrya, Mangraj
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Meaning & History

Originally denoted a person who came from the Mangrio tribe in Sindh, Pakistan and Rajasthan, India. The meaning of the tribe's name is unknown.
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