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This is a list of submitted surnames in which an editor of the name is Infinitas.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Zaidi Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Zaid.
Zaimoğlu Turkish
Means "son of Zaim".
Zain Arabic
From the given name Zayn.
Zakaria Arabic, Bengali
From the given name Zakariyya.
Zakarian Armenian
Alternate transcription of Zakaryan.
Zakariyya Dhivehi, Arabic
From the given name Zakariyya.
Zakaryan Armenian
Means "son of Zakar".
Zakharov Russian
Means "son of Zakhar".
Zaki Arabic
From the given name Zaki.
Zaky Arabic (Egyptian)
Alternate transcription of Zaki chiefly used in Egypt.
Zaldívar Basque, Spanish
Derived from Basque zaldi meaning "horse" combined with ibar meaning "valley". This is also the name of a town in Biscay, Spain.
Zalmai Afghani, Pashto
From the Pashto given name Zalmai.
Zamani Persian
From the given name Zaman.
Zamfir Romanian
From zamfir, a variant of the Slavonic word samfir or safir meaning "sapphire".
Zamfirescu Romanian
Means "son of Zamfir" in Romanian.
Żammit Maltese
Maltese form of the Sicilian name Zammito.
Zammit Berber, Northern African
Tunisian Berber name of unknown meaning.
Zane English
Meaning unknown. It could be a Americanization of the German surname Zahn. Zane is also used as a given name.
Zaouche Berber, Northern African
Kabyle name of unknown meaning.
Zapanta Filipino, Tagalog, Hiligaynon
Of Hiligaynon origin and uncertain meaning.
Zapata Spanish
Occupational surname for a shoemaker, from Spanish zapato meaning "shoe". It can also be considered a habitational name for someone originally from any of the various locations in Spain called Zapata.
Zapato Spanish
Means "shoe" in Spanish.
Zarafshan Persian
Means "spreader of gold" in Persian, from زر (zar) meaning "gold" and افشان (afshan) meaning "spreader, scatterer".
Zargari Persian
Derived from Persian زرگر‎‎ (zargar) meaning "goldsmith", ultimately from زر (zar) "gold".
Zariņa Latvian
Feminine form of Zariņš.
Zaslavsky Russian, Jewish
Name for someone from the city of Iziaslav (or Zaslav) in Ukraine, derived from the given name Iziaslav.
Zavarzina Russian
Feminine form of Zavarzin.
Zaytsev Russian, Ukrainian
From Russian заяц (zayats) or Ukrainian заєць (zaets) meaning "hare".
Zazai Pashto
Meaning uncertain.
Zegarra Spanish (Latin American)
Possibly a Castilianized form of the Catalan Segarra.
Zeghlache Berber, Northern African
Kabyle surname of unknown meaning.
Zeidane Western African
Mauritanian variant of Zidane.
Zeitoun Arabic
Derived from the Arabic زَيْتُون (zaytūn) meaning "olive", a cognate of the Maghrebi Zitouni. It could also be linked to the famous El-Zeitoun district in Cairo, Egypt.
Żelazny Polish
Means "(made of) iron" in Polish, used as a nickname for a person with a strong personality.
Zelenin Russian
Derived from Russian зелень (zelen) meaning "greens, vegetables, verdure".
Zelenović Serbian
Derived from Serbian зелен (zelen) "green".
Zeng Chinese
From Chinese 曾 (zēng) which is another name for the ancient state of Kuai, which existed during the Xia dynasty (2205-1766 BC).
Zengin Turkish
Means "rich, wealthy" in Turkish, ultimately from Persian سنگين‏ (sangin).
Zerafa Maltese
Derived from Arabic زَرَافَة (zarāfa) meaning "giraffe" or ظَرِيف (ẓarīf) meaning "charming, elegant, graceful".
Zerhouni Arabic (Maghrebi), Northern African, Berber
Possibly refers to the Zerhoun mountain in Morocco. The family name originates from the city of Nedroma in Tlemcen, Algeria.
Zeroual Arabic (Maghrebi), Berber
Nickname for a person with blue eyes from Berber aẓerwal meaning "blue".
Zerrougui Arabic (Maghrebi)
Variant transcription of Zerrouki.
Zerrouki Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Arabic أَزْرَق (ʾazraq) meaning "blue".
Zgheib Arabic
Lebanese surname of unknown meaning.
Zhanibekov Kazakh
Means "son of Zhanibek".
Zharkov Russian
Possibly derived from Russian жаркий (zharkiy) "hot".
Zhenisov Kazakh
Means "son of Zhenis".
Zholdoshov Kyrgyz
Means "son of Zholdosh".
Zhuang Chinese
From Chinese 莊 (zhuāng), the posthumous name of Xiong Lü, a king of the state of Chu that existed during the Zhou dynasty.
Zhukov Russian
From Russian жук (zhuk) meaning "beetle".
Zhunisov Kazakh
Means "son of Zhunis".
Zhunusov Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Means "son of Zhunus", from a form of the Arabic name Yunus.
Zhusupov Kazakh, Kyrgyz
Means “son of Zhusup”.
Ziani Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Zayyan.
Ziani Italian (Rare, Archaic)
Habitual surname denoting someone from Ziano, a locality in Italy. Unrelated to the Maghrebi surname of the same spelling.
Zidane Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Zaydan. A notable bearer is Zinedine Zidane (1972-), a French former footballer of Algerian descent.
Zinchenko Ukrainian
From the given name Zinoviy.
Zitouni Arabic (Maghrebi)
From Arabic زَيْتُون (zaytūn) meaning "olive".
Ziv Hebrew
From the given name Ziv.
Zogheib Arabic
Variant transcription of Zgheib.
Zohar Hebrew
Derived from the the given name Zohar meaning "light, brilliance" in Hebrew.
Zolochivskiy Ukrainian (Rare)
This indicates familial origin within the Ukrainian city of Zolochiv.
Zolotarev Russian
Means "son of the goldsmith" derived from Russian золотарь (zolotar) meaning "goldsmith".
Zorlu Turkish
Means "strong, powerful" in Turkish.
Zosimov Russian, Ukrainian
Means "son of Zosim".
Zosimovi Georgian (Rare)
Possibly from the given name Zosim.
Zosimovich Belarusian (Rare), Ukrainian (Rare)
Means "son of Zosim (see Zosimus)"; rarely used in both Belarus and Ukraine.
Zouaoui Arabic (Maghrebi)
Indicates a member of the Igawawen (called Zouaoua in French) Kabyle tribe, from Maghrebi Arabic زواوة (zwāwa). The tribe's name is of uncertain meaning; it may be derived from the name of a massif in Kabylie, Algeria.
Zouari Arabic (Maghrebi)
Meaning unknown (chiefly Tunisian).
Zoubir Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Zubair (chiefly used in Algeria and Morocco).
Zouhair Arabic (Maghrebi)
From the given name Zuhayr (chiefly used in Morocco).
Zubair Arabic, Urdu
From the given name Zubayr.
Zubayraev Chechen
Means "son of Zubaira".
Zucker Jewish
Occupational name for a confectioner or a nickname for someone with a sweet tooth, from German zucker or Yiddish צוקער (tsuker) both meaning "sugar". It is also used as an ornamental name.
Zuckerberg Jewish
Means "sugar mountain" from German zucker meaning "sugar" and Old High German berg meaning "mountain".
Zurabashvili Georgian
Means "son of Zurab".
Zurabishvili Georgian
Means "son of Zurab".
Zvezdanović Serbian (Rare)
Derived from the given name Zvezdan.
Zviadadze Georgian
Means "son of Zviad".
Zviadauri Georgian
From the given name Zviad.
Żyła Polish
Means "vein" (figuratively "bore") in Polish.