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This is a list of submitted surnames in which the usage is roman.
Submitted names are contributed by users of this website. The accuracy of these name definitions cannot be guaranteed.
Arcaro Late Roman
Occupational name for a maker or seller of bows.
Bellumus Late Roman
Means "beautiful man" derived from the elements bellus "beautiful" and homo "man"
Caesar Ancient Roman, English
An Ancient Roman political title that indicated a military leader. A famous bearer was Julius Caesar, Roman general, dictator, and politician. In modern times, the surname is used to refer to an individual with a tyrannical attitude, which references the connotative meaning of the word "caesar", meaning "a dictator".
Casto Late Roman (Rare, ?)
From the Latin personal name Castus ‘chaste’. Also a nickname from casto ‘chaste’, ‘pure’.
Dies Roman Mythology
From the given name: Dies. ... [more]
Docilus Ancient Roman
Don't know the source, which is why I put other.
Ferrers Ancient Roman
It derives from Latin, "ferrum", which means "iron". As a surname, it derives from two French villages named "Ferrieres" where iron was mined.
Flavinius Ancient Roman
Ancient Roman family name, probably deriving from FLAVIUS.
Pacieco Ancient Roman (Archaic)
A Roman surname meaning "little one." One of the first persons recorded with this surname is a general named Vivio Pacieco, General Pacieco was sent by Julius Caesar to fight in the Iberian peninsula... [more]
Ramagi Ancient Roman
In Caesar's Gallic Wars, the Ramagi built catapults and other mechanical weapons.... [more]
Vindex Ancient Roman
Roman cognomen meaning "champion", "avenger", or "defender".... [more]