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Subject: Re: Cuill means hazel
Author: Sean Foglai   (guest)
Date: November 12, 2004 at 7:32:09 PM
Reply to: Cuill means hazel by Gianfranco E. Tubino Bryce
From my Irish name site ...take your pick ...nothing's exact ...

an apartment where stores are kept, Old Irish cuile fínda, vinaria, *koliâ; Greek @Gkalía, hut, Sanskrit kula@-/ya, hut, nest (Stokes); from *kol-io-, root qel of ceil.

a fly, Irish and Early Irish cuil, Welsh cylion, flies, Cornish kelionen, Breton quelyenen, *kuli-s, kuliâno-s; Latin culex.

feast (in a corner) (Carm.).

a whelp, Irish cuileán (O'Br.), cuileann (O'R.), Early Irish culén, Welsh colwyn, Cornish coloin, catulus, Breton kolenn, young of quadrupeds; Greek @Gkúlla= @Gskúlaz, whelp (Bez.). It may be from cù, *kun, dog. Ernault, *culenos: root of @Gkúos; Middle Breton colen, so D'Arbois. Rhys says Welsh borrowed.

cellar, secret place, treasury; See cuile.
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