Subject: Re: Fatula & Lesnefsky
Author: Missy   (Authenticated as Missy)
Date: April 9, 2007 at 9:56:35 PM
Reply to: Re: Fatula & Lesnefsky by Jim Young
Thanks for taking the time to answer my post, Jim. What you told me is interesting and makes me want to dig around and find out more about the names and their meanings. Lesnefsky and the forest relation is interesting.

As for the Fatula name and the Rusyn thing, that sounds quite familiar. I think I might have read something about it online in the past. Either the Fatula surname or another one of my other Hungarian lines might have something to do with Rusyn or be from/near the Carpathian mountains.

Do you get your informations from a book or website, or is this all just things you know?


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