Subject: Re: Minchew/ Minchev (минчев)
Author: Christo Tamarin   (guest)
Date: October 30, 2017 at 4:36:31 AM
Reply to: Minchew/ Minchev (минчев) by Minchew
Minchev (Минчев, heard Meen-cheff, transliterated in various ways: Minchev, Mintchew, Mintcheff, etc) is a very often family name in Bulgaria.

There is a personal male name Mina, very rare now, name day on November 11th, please see


In Bulgarian, Mincho (Минчо) is in fact a diminutive form for Mina, however it is preferred as a personal male name since Mina seems to be female in Bulgarian.

The patronym from Mincho is Minchev-Mincheff, a very often family name in Bulgaria. The female form is Mincheva.

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