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Subject: COURIC and GARAGIORA's origin and meaning
Author: hj   (guest)
Date: January 5, 2018 at 1:48:17 AM
I’m looking for the meaning of surname
COURIC and GARAGIORA's meaning.

I was found these two surnames
for names of former anchors of ‘Today’ on NBC.​

first, COURIC is surname of ‘Katie Couric(1957~)’
and I found her paternal ancestry was

​a French orphan who immigrated to the U.S.,
So I guess it’s origin is French; but not sure.

and Garagiora is surname of Joe Garagiola Sr.(1926~2016).
and I found he grew up in an Italian-American neighborhood,

so I think It feels like Italian..... but it isn't even sure,

so I need your help to get a real information of these surnames.

​Does anyone know these two surname's
real origin and meaning?

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