Iranian Surnames

Iranian names are used in the country of Iran in southwestern Asia. Listed separately are Arabic names. See also about Iranian names.
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ALINEJAD     Iranian
Means "descendent of ALI (1)" in Persian.
AMIRMOEZ     Iranian, Arabic
Means "protected prince, commander", derived from the elements amir "prince, commander" and moez, muaz "protected".
ATTAR     Iranian
Means "fragrance" from the Persian word attar... [more]
CHARMCHI     Iranian
Means "leather worker" in Persian, from charm "leather" combined with chi, denoting an occupation.
KHOROUSHI     Iranian
Derived from the given name Khurush, the Persian form of CYRUS.
ROSTAMI     Iranian
Derived from the Persian name Rostam, a variant of RUSTAM... [more]
SHERAZI     Iranian
Name for someone who came from the city of Sheraz, located in southwest Iran.