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[Facts] Change in Spanish naming law
The law 3/2007, of March 15, abolishes the ban about nicknames as first names.Now, the only limiations are:
a) not more of two simple names (Juan Carlos, e.g.) or one compound name (María del Carmen, e.g.);
b) not the same name that living siblings, included usual translations to other languages (Juan, Joan, Jon, Xoan, John and Jean, e.g.);
c) not names that can be deprecatory (Pulga, e.g.);
d) not confusing names (surnames used as first names, excepted surnames traditionally used as names: Javier, e.g.);
e) not gender-cross names (some traditional unisex names are allowed: Cruz, e.g.).This change is consequence of some scandalous situations in last times, especially in the court from Murcia, with the names Bieita, Julieta and Noa for a boy (the judge is currently been investigated about his against-the-law decisions).Lumia

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That's very interesting. Thanks for posting!
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Thank you. Very very interesting, especially since I lived in Spain for a few years. :)Not too keen on the gender naming rules.
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Thanks for posting. This is very interesting.Of course, as a resident of an English speaking culture, it seems odd that "surnames used as first names" would be considered "confusing". We seem to get along quite well in English speaking countries turning all sorts of surnames into given names without people becoming "confused" because of it! :)
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True, but if you consider the amazing ways in which Spanish people inherit their surnames, adding an extra one to the mix could well be one too many!
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