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[Opinions] Help naming two characters?
I'm using this stock photo image to visualise the characters in something I'm working on.The first two from the left are already named (Amelie and Tiahn).Two questions:1) The girl on the right needs an Indonesian name. Which would you choose out of these?
(Or suggest something else?)2) What would you name the red-haired girl, assuming she was born in Australia around 2008?Thanks in advance!
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1. Leni
2. Ruby, Gemma or Zara
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Rani and Michaela.
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I loved Nurjanah at first sight. Your little redhead looks very like my daughter, but I guess Beatrice wouldn't do. What about Lucy, or even Matilda? Or Rosemary, which has always been a red-headed name to me?
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Beatrice would actually be completely plausible, thank you!
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1. Lilik2. Rose, Paige, Layla, Sarah, Evie, Eliza, Rebecca, Kiara, Claudia, Alice
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