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[Opinions] Be a doll, and rate these names. (m)
Rate each group of names from favorite to least favorite, pretty please. If you feel like it, give reasons.
Axel **After supposedly dying on January 30, 2007 after eating tainted pancakes, she returned several times as an angel and was revealed to be alive on May 17, 2011. )**
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Velma: Makes me think of Scooby-Doo, not a fan
Kirsten: I like this spelled Kirstyn, this used to be my sister's second middle name, but my parents got rid of it
Iris: not a fan, too common
Lorena: this is an underrated vintage name and tbh I'm not a fan
Winona: same as Lorena
Rory: I like this on a girl, I just love unisex names
Bess: just noBryce: I know a guy named Bryson and he is annoying and rude, so I don't like it
Wolf: I love animal-themed names, I like this as a middle name
Keaton: just no
Marlowe: better on a girl
Benedict: I love "ben" starting names, this is my favorite
Roswell: not a fan at all
Axel: I LOVE THIS NAME!!! I wanna use it for my first son!!
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I Luke Kirsten and Bryce, don't like the others

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I Luke Kirsten and Bryce, don't like the others

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Iris: beautiful. It's a subtle, purplish blue, vaguely kaleidoscopic.
Lorena: a collection of unexciting, unexceptional sounds.
Bess: good Queen Bess. More refreshing than Beth or Betsy, but still the kind of name that would fit a dairy maid and the cow she's milking equally well.
Rory: masculine. I can't imagine it on a girl unless it's a nickname for Aurora, which I dislike.
Winona: Ryder. A one-person name.
Velma: also a one-person name. Distinctly unfashionable.
Kirsten: so grating and lacklustre, asking to be confused with Kristen.Benedict: I like it a lot, it's far more attractive than Benjamin.
Marlowe: one of the few names I like equally on boys and girls.
Axel: I wish it hadn't acquired this wannabe rockstar vibe.
Keaton: Buster. Forgettable trendy surname name like Kellan.
Roswell: so smarmy. Probably a brother to Cosmo.
Bryce: at least it doesn't remind me as much of brown rice as the Brice spelling does?
Wolf: tolerable if it's a nickname for Wolfgang and pronounced with a v sound. Perennialy childish otherwise.
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I can think of 3 famous Winonas off the top of my head, although one is spelled differently. I don't feel like it's that tied to Ryder. That said, I do feel like it's a little awkward; it seems as basic as Sonny or Dakota.

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Velma - Favorite of the girl list. It is cute in a slightly frumpy way. It is like a well worn bulky knit sweater that has been around for ages and the color is a bit off, but it is cozy, warm, and your Grandma made it so who cares if it has seen better days?
Winona - She has the flair of a heroine in a western flick. On the rugged side and maybe not entirely politically correct, but she's pretty and can handle action.
Lorena - The slightly weird girl who is really into music and quasi-Celtic stuff. I like it. 7/10
Rory - If it was Aurora with the nickname Rory, I would rate it higher. On its own, it is cute in a casual tomboyish way.
Kirsten - Gingham and "Little House on the Prairie" are my top associations. It is nice, but there are two common pronunciations for it in my area, and I always seem to guess wrong.
Iris - Tall skinny flower. It is fine but not the prettiest flower name and not particularly exciting.
Bess - A nice placid cow name. Simple and sort of endearing. It comes in last because I like it much better on animals than humans. Marlowe - Favorite of the boys. Paradoxical in all the best ways, it manages to be down to earth, dramatic, romantic, and pragmatic at the same time. Like an academic who gets annoyed with academia and is self aware enough to not take himself too seriously, Marlowe is a literary nod that isn't trying to be niche.
Benedict- It sounds like the name of a very wanted and anticipated child. It sounds optimistic, but perhaps a wee bit more pretentious than Benjamin.
Roswell - It makes me think of a Southwest, USA, road trip complete with visits to lots of National Parks, plenty of barbecue and Tex-Mex meals and an adobe house with a cow skull mounted on the wall. Simultaneously, it makes me think of an intellectually inclined guy that works at NASA. Space cow boy perhaps?

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Velma - kinda heavy and possibly ugly but I feel very drawn to it, I love the v, how short short it is and despite being heavy it doesn't feel sticky or viscous.Iris - just a pretty and colorful flower name with a nice sharp sound.Winona - kinda elegantKirsten - I like Kirsty, Kirsten is so similar to Kristen it loses its appealRory - makes me think of Gilmore girls, not a horrible association and the name isn't awfulBess - it's ok but there are so many so much better nns for ElizabethLorena - it's both sticky and fragrant while somehow also being harsh, I've always disliked it-Bryce - I love how crisp it isWolf - I'm intrigued, I wouldn't use it but I kinda like the idea of itRoswell - I love all the mainstream imagination about aliens so this name resonates with meMarlowe - it sounds okBenedict - it shortens to Ben so it has that going for itAxel - it just sounds wrong, I know it's a normal name but it always looks to me like someone messed up the consonants in AlexKeaton - I don't think I like the "Keat" part and with being very meh on "ton" names this just adds up to a pretty unattractive name to me
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Most to least:Iris - one of my favourites
Bess - best nickname for Elizabeth
Kirsten - I love Kirsty so Kirsten is fine
Lorena - I like Lor- names
Winona - it's ok but so linked to a small number of people
Velma - it sounds like a 1950s home decor product
Rory - words cannot express how much I despise this on a girl
Benedict - I like it
Axel - it's a decent name
Marlowe - if you HAVE to...
Keaton - boring
Bryce - I have only ever known obnoxious boys by this name
Roswell - would be fine but the UFO association makes it silly
Wolf - sillier than Roswell
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Ain't never been no doll, but I'll try!Winona. I've always loved it; never met one, and no clue how it's seen in its natural habitat, but I think it's great.
Iris. With Daisy, though not in the same sibset, the only flower name(s) I'd feel comfortable using.
Bess, but only as a nn for Elizabeth or Beatrice - a friend of my mother's called her Bess rather than Bea.
Kirsten. Lovely once, then it went spectacularly viral and disappeared just as suddenly.
Lorena. It could, and would have to, shorten to something close to Laura.
Velma. Awful; Thelma is nice.
Rory. Great on a boy; on a girl, unspeakably horrible.Benedict. Shortens obligingly to Ben; fresher than Benjamin.
Axel. Pleasantly Scandi.
And all the others jostle each other for last place.
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Iris 7.5/10 solid name
Winona 7/10 would be higher if it weren't appropriated
Rory 7/10 works better as a nickname
Velma 6/10 interesting but kinda ugly
Lorena 5/10 boring and plain
Kirsten 5/10 out of fashion but not wholly unattractive
Bess 2/10 the name of a cowBenedict 7.5/10 posh and cool
Wolf 7/10 Wolfram is better
Bryce 6/10 surprisingly don't hate it
Keaton 5/10 too surnamey
Roswell 5/10 ditto
Marlowe 4/10 dittox2
Axel 2/10 trying too hard
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Velma: 3/10 - seems old lady but not en vogue old lady.
Kirsten: 5/10. Not bad, but maybe a little gen X or milennial?
Iris: 6/10. Not my favorite flower name, or my least.
Lorena: 8/10 - I like this name.
Winona: 8/10 - I like this name but in terms of using it for my own child I’d be concerned with it seeming like appropriation.
Rory: 2/10- don’t like nickname as a legal name.
Bess: 2/10 same as above plus also makes me think of an old lady or a cow name.
Bryce: 6/10-old friend had this name so I have a positive association with it but i also don’t love the name.
Wolf: 4/10 - seems like someone is trying to be edgy. Could be a guilty pleasure name though
Keaton: 3/10 don’t like last name for first.
Marlowe: 2/10 I can’t give you a rational reason why I don’t like. Maybe it also seems last name ish?
Benedict: 5/10, prefer Benjamin.
Roswell: 1/10 aliens.
Axel: 4/10, wheel
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Velma: 4/10
It’s got charm but it’s still kind of retro-ugly, and still closely associated with Scooby Doo. It is kind of cool, though. I think I prefer Selma.Kirsten: 3/10
I don’t think it has a good sound, and I find Kristen so much prettier!Iris: 10/10
Lovely. It’s soft but carries a subtle air of strength and class.Lorena: 8/10
I’m actually a long time admirer of this name, I think it’s strong and mature, but not in a matronly way. Loretta is nice too.Winona: 7/10
Cool name! It makes me think of Winona Ryder. I don’t like Winnie, though.Rory: 2/10
I really dislike it on a girl, it’s a lot more bearable on a boy, but even then it feels awkward and infantile.Bess: 1/10
I find it awful.Bryce: 1/10
I think Bryce is kind of dated now a days? I don’t know, I never liked it, it’s odd.Wolf: 2/10
Weird, I’ve never warmed up to male animal trend-names like Wolf, Bear & Fox.Keaton: 2/10
Kind of country bumpkin, and it conjures the image of someone kind of dumb and douche-y.Marlowe: 2/10
Really dislike it on a boy, but really like it on a girl.Benedict: 4/10
Benjamin is better, if you have to Ben- at all. It’s just bland and lacks personality.Roswell: 2/10
Seems like a surname? And not one that transfers well to first name usage, at that.Axel: 4/10
I had a neighbor named Axel that I liked, but it just screams trying to hard for whatever reason for me.
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Ok!Iris - one of my tops
Lorena - romantic and interesting, if kind of a boring sound
Winona - quirky and interesting, and maybe a slightly more appealing sound than Lorena idk
Bess - a sweet little nickname
Velma - old-school more like bold-school
Kirsten - ugly boring name
Rory - Just so hard to say
Benedict - I like the name
Marlowe - so mysteriuese
Keaton - handsome and straightforwardly surnamey
Wolf - cheesy but I do not hate it
Roswell - less straightforward and more mysterious than Keaton
Axel - never understood the appeal, I think it sounds a bit brutal
Bryce - so cheesy, hate it
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Velma reminds me of Scooby Doo. It isn't that bad, though.Kirsten is a name that I don't like. I much prefer Kristin.Iris is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning! A favorite.Lorena is really beautiful! I like this a lot.Winona is a kind of weird name, but in a good way.Rory isn't bad as a nickname. Bess doesn't sit right with me when it isn't a nickname.Bryce is a cool, 2012 surfer-dude/jock name. Wolf is an animal in the forest. I like wolves, but idk if I'd use Wolf. How about a name meaning Wolf?Keaton is a name that I find horrible.Marlowe is a name I don't like.Benedict is a name that I don't like.Roswell is a name I don't like.Axel is a cool name.Edit:
My favorites combos with names provided:
Iris Lorena
Lorena Iris
Axel Bryce
Bryce Axel

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Lorena (7/10)
Velma (6.5/10)
Kirsten (5/10)
Winona (3/10)
Rory (3/10)
Iris (2.5/10)
Bess (1/10)Benedict (6/10)
Roswell (5.5/10)
Bryce (4.5/10)
Wolf (3/10)
Keaton (2/10)
Axel (1.5/10)
Marlowe (1/10)
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1. Iris - 7.5/10
2. Bess - 7/10
3. Velma - 6.5/10
4. Lorena - 6/10
5. Kirsten, Winona - 5.5/10
6. Rory - 4/101. Wolf, Benedict - 5.5/10
2. Marlowe - 5/10
3. Roswell - 4/10
4. Keaton, Bryce, Axel - 3/105/10 is ambivalent, below that is dislike.I'd combine them this way:
Iris Winona
Bess Lorena
Velma Kirsten Rory Wolf Benedict
Axel Bryce
Roswell Keaton Marlowe

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