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[Games] Part Two of Initials CAF (if interested) [AI Faces] each person in the family from "Initials CAF".Example (mine):DH: Maverick Washington Yorlan
DW: Hesperia Gianna [Appleton] Yorlan
-DD1: Patrice Zelda Yorlan
-DS1: Tyson Quan Yorlan
-DD2: Everleigh Cyah Yorlan
-DS2: Lawrence Xander YorlanI would create a face for each person. After clicking the link, describe and push "create". Then, either push "publish" or do it again to edit. Save and copy link, which you will share.Don't worry! No one's will be perfect! Have fun. Privately message me with any questions.

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DH: Martin Watson Yates Hermione Gaia [Anderson] Yates Phoebe Zara Yates Tyler Quinlan Yates Evelyn Cecelia Yates Logan Xavier Yates love this idea!
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Wait, I can't see them anymore and I only saw one. The screen is black with one tiny square on the top left. 😕
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Thank you!Amazing faces.:D
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