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Type Surname (from given name)
Usage English
Pronounced Pron. AN-dər-sən

Meaning & History

Means "son of ANDREW".

Related Names

Other Languages & CulturesAndreev(Bulgarian) Andreu(Catalan) Andersen, Andreasen, Andreassen(Danish) Andela, Andries, Andriessen, Drees, Dreesen, Dreesens, Dreessen, Dries, Driessen(Dutch) André(French) Andreas, Andres(German) Andreas(Greek) Andersen, Andreassen(Norwegian) Andrysiak(Polish) Andreev(Russian) Andrés(Spanish) Andersson, Andréasson, Andreasson(Swedish)
Given Name DescendantAnderson(English)
User SubmissionAnderson


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