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[Opinions] How would you name your twins daughters if..
..their names contain the same amount of letters. Do this three letter names, four, five etc For example:3: Ivy & Eve
4: Alba & Aria
5: Betsy & Marie
6: Miller Sophia & Finley Violet
7: .. etc.
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3.Ida and Mae
4.Jane and Skye
5.Audra and Edith
6.Frances and Imogen
7.Beatrice and Romilly
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3 letters: Ivy and Joy
4 letters: Alix and Ines
5 letters: Adele and Edith
6 letters: Marion and Esther
7 letters: Camille and Eulalie
8 letters: Beatrice and Juliette
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3: Ada and May
4: Mary and Hope
5: Naomi and Julia
6. Sylvie and Vivian
7: Matilda and Tabitha
8: Primrose and Cordelia
9: Magdalena and Hephzibah
10: Antoinette and Evangeline

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Pretty list
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3 letters: Zoe Kay and Mia Lyn
4 letters: Anna Lily and Jody Iris
5 letters: Greta Marie and Roxie Gerda
6 letters: Athena Harriet and Phoebe Odilia
7 letters: Madeline Calanthe and Victoria Dianthe
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3: Amy and Jen (runner up: Kay and Nia)
4: Leah and Cora (runner up: Beth and Faye)
5: Janet and Della (runner up: Becky and Xayla)
6: Deanna and Gracie (runner up: Hester and Corrie)
7: Makayla and Bethany (runner up: Roxanne and Chelsey)
8: Annabeth and Charlene (runner up: Estelene and Penelope)
9: Geraldine and Alexandra (runner up: Christina and Elizabeth)
10: Amberlynne and Christabel (runner up: Tayloranne and Jessicamae)
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What a fun idea :)
3: Isa + Fae
4: Mila + Romy
5: Saela + Sasha
6: Willow + Sophie
7: Estella + Cosette
8: Victoria + Callista
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Ivy and Meg
Sky and Lux
Eva and Ada
Emi and Sia
Mae and Eve Sage and Wren
Rose and Iris
Ruth and Adah
Tess and Lulu
Cleo and Esme
Fern and Lula
Jovi and Hope
Lucy and Beth
Lily and Rosy
Shay and Romi
Zari and Nava
Posy and Opal
Sens and Zaya
Lani and Rain
Elly and Maya
Zuri and Esha Amara and Mercy
Lilia and Amira
Ember and Avani
Amana and Petra
Amali and Maple
Odeya and Selah
Rosie and Gemma
Shiri and Golda
Daisy and Amber
Molly and Hazel
Carys and Maisy
Holly and Freya
Nancy and Mabel
Aviya and Shira
Annie and Layla
Olive and Emmie
Della and Edith
Maile and Fenna
India and Amani
Betsy and Flora
Nadia and Belle
Amari and Faith
Anwen and Bella Jemima and Keziah
Astrid and Vashti
Phoebe and Summer
Ardith and Wrenna
Martha and Violet
Zinnia and Elowen
Yasmin and Zahrah
Willow and Goldie
Ariana and Eliora
Eliana and Dulcie
Daphne and Meadow
Indigo and Acacia
Clover and Birdie
Nellie and Bessie
Azalea and Winter So much fun, but that will do or I’ll be here for days! ;)
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3: Jem & Zoa4: Aura Lily & Lana Rose5: Fiona & Piper6: Eloise & Ramona7: Juniper Allyria & Rosalie Romilda8: Prudence Cordelia & Rosaline Katarina9: Caledonia & Calpurnia10: Aphrodesia & Persephone

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3 Ann and Joy
4 Jane and Ruth
5 Alice and Laura
6 Imogen and Vickie
7 Heather and Michele
8 Jennifer and Rosamond
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1. Dua & Moa
2. Leni & Ylvi
3. Skadi & Tuuli
4. Ramona & Romina
5. Natalie & Rosalie
6. Carlotta & Carolina
7. Agrippina & Messalina
8. Maybelline & Montserrat
9. Appollonnia & Danniellynn
10.Scheherazade & Sonseeahray
11.Schneeweißchen & Schneewittchen
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Im so glad someone else likes Georgianne and Verdiana. Fun list.

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Fun Prompt!! I will work on this to procrastinate a school assignment... lol3: Eva and Mae *Ivy is second choice but too similar to Eva*, Ivy and Mae, OR Ada and Rue, Era and Liv, Amy and Kay, Uma and Zoa, Rei and Lux, Nia and Liv4: Esme and Mira OR Elsa and Mira, Mary and Liza, Lucy and Cara, Echo and Leda, Lyra and Nova, Elsa and Inga, Zora and Isla, Lela and Rhea, Roma and Ione, Zara and Nomi, Vada and Clea, Asha and Eira, Emma and Kira, Lara and Miri, Opal and Nina, Ruby and Zoey5: Diana and Lydia, OR Elise and Aimee, Emira and Leona, Olaya and Sarai,

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Great list! I'm very intrigued by Sybella and Romilly as a pairing.
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Thanks! I came across a woman name Sofia Marie and with both her names and last name having five letters it made me think of this prompt. Ps. I've been procrastinating too.. (badly)
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1. Ava and Amy
2. Cara and Cali
3. Grace Victoria and Glory Vivienne
4. Hailey Joy and Hannah MayAwesome side note… I accidentally did this with my twin boys and didn’t even realize it until they were about 3 years old. Their first and middle names are exactly the same amount of letters.
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Fun coincidence! I think it works well for twins without having to be too matchy (that said I'd name my twins Hope & Faith in heartbeat)
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Amy and May, same letters too
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Ivy and Eve (same as you)
Rose and June
Leona and Hazel
Vivian and Bianca
Cecilia and Valerie
Penelope and Caroline
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3 - Ida Bia & Una Efa
4 - Maia Faye & Olga Dale
5 - Zelda Agnes & Logan Maude
6 - Ngaire Agatha & Neroli Ingrid
7 - Jemimah Lavinia & Elliott Elspeth
8 - Gertrude Angharad & Griselda Gretchen
9 - Geraldine Desdemona & Cunigunde Shahrazad
10 - Iphigineia Hildegarde & Chrysanthe Evangelina

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