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[Games] CAF with choices
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DH:(87) Nathaniel Jacob Hynes
DW:(Dec) Anastasia Juliet [Jones] Hynes DS:(60) Robert Conrad HynesDW:(60) Claire Violet Finley-HynesDD:(28) Elizabeth Margaret Hynes
DH:(28) Jonah Avery Sendler
DD:(1) Katherine Mary SendlerNathaniel & Anastasia; Robert
Nathaniel & Claire; Elizabeth
Elizabeth & Jonah; Katherine
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DH:(87) Nathaniel John Harlow
DW:(Dec) Anastasia Juliet JonesDS:(60) Robert Conrad Harlow
--DW:(60) Violet June Anderson DD:(28) Elizabeth Margaret Harlow
--DH:(28) David Jonah Niven
--DD:(1) Mary Katherine Niven
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DH:(87) John Jacob Hynes
DW:(Dec) Ina Josephine FinleyDS:(60) Clayton Robert Hynes
DW:(60) Genevieve June HynesDD:(28) Elizabeth Jeanette "Lizzie" Jones
DH:(28) John Avery Jones DD:(1) Katherine Josie Jones "Katie Jo"
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DH:(87) Jacob Nathaniel Hynes
DW:(Dec) Juliet Anastasia (Jones) HynesDS:(60) Harry Conrad Hynes
-DW:(60) Ava June (Dillon) Hynes
--DD:(28) Margaret Elizabeth (Hynes) Sendler
---DH:(28) Avery Jonah Sendler
----DD:(1) Katherine Sue Sendler
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DH: John Benjamin "Jack"
DW: Juliet AnastasiaDS: Clayton Robert
DW: Ava Claire
DD: Elizabeth Margaret
DH: David John
DD: Josie Katherine
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DH:(87)(Harlow) Benjamin Jacob “Benny”
DW:(Dec)(Finley) Anastasia Juliet “Annie”DS:(60) Harry Robert
DW:(60) Violet Mae DD:(28) Elizabeth Marisa “Beth”
DH:(28) Jonah David (Niven)
DD:(1) Mary Katherine
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H: John Nathaniel Hynes (87)
W: Ina Josephine Jones Hynes (Dec) S: Conrad Robert Hynes (60)
W: June Violet Simmons Hynes (60) D: Elizabeth Jeanette Hynes Sendler (28)
H: Avery Jonah Sendler (28) D: Katherine Mary Sendler (1)John & Ina; Conrad.
Conrad & June; Elizabeth.
Elizabeth (Libby) & Avery; Katherine (Katie).
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DH: (87) Jacob Nathaniel Hynes
DW: (dec.) Anastasia Josephine [Finley] HynesDS: (60) Harry Robert Hynes
- DW: (60) Violet June [Anderson] Hynes
-- DD: (28) Jeanette Elizabeth [Hynes] Sendler
--- DH: (28) Jonah Avery Sendler
--- DD: (1) Josie Katherine SendlerJacob and Anastasia with Harry
- Harry and Violet with Jeanette
-- Jeanette and Jonah with Josie
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DH:(87) Nathaniel Benjamin Dillon
DW:(Dec) Juliet Anastasia (nee. Finley) Dillon *
DS:(60) Conrad Robert Dillon
DW:(60) Genevieve Mae (nee. Hynes) Dillon *
DD:(28) Elizabeth Margaret Dillon-Jones
DH:(28) Robert David Jones -DD:(1) Katherine Mary
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DH: (87) Benjamin JohnBenHarlow
DW: (Dec) Anastasia Juliet [Anderson] HarlowDS: (60) Robert ClaytonRobHarlow
-DW: (60) Ava Claire [Dillon] Harlow
-DD: (28) Elizabeth MargaretEliza” [Harlow] Jones
--DH: (28) David Robert Jones
--DD: (1) Mary Katherine “Merricat” Jones

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DH:(87) Benjamin John Dillon
DW:(Dec) Juliet Josephine Anderson JonesDS:(60) Conrad Robert Dillon
-DW:(60) Genevieve Mae Finley Dillon
-DD:(28) Elizabeth Marisa Dillon Sendler
--DH:(28) David John Sendler
--DD:(1) Katherine Christine Sendler
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DH:(87)John Benjamin Dillon
DW:(Dec) Anastasia Ina JonesDS:(60) Robert Harry Dillon
--------------------------------------DS:(60) Robert Harry Dillon
-DW:(60) Violet June [Smith] Dillon
-DD:(28) Margaret Elizabeth [Dillon] Sendler
--DH:(28) David Avery Sendler
---DD:(1) Katherine "Kitty" Mary Sendler
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John Nathaniel Harlow, 87 + Juliet Josephine {Jones} Harlow, d
-- Conrad Robert Harlow, 60 + Violet Mae {Anderson} Harlow, 60
--- Margaret Elizabeth Harlow, 28 + John Robert Niven, 28
---- Katherine Mary Harlow, 1
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DH:(87) Benjamin Jacob "Ben" Harlow
DW:(Dec) Juliet Josephine (Finley) HarlowDS:(60) Robert Conrad "Rob" Harlow
-DW:(60) Violet Claire Harlow
-DD:(28) Margaret Elizabeth "Maggie" (Harlow) Sendler
--DH:(28) John David Sendler
--DD:(1) Mary Katherine Sendler
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