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[Opinions] Online twins and quadruplets
I just keep on finding more sibsets I want to share haha! Here are some that I’ve come across recently :)T1: Khalaya
T2: KhylinnT1: Haven Ann
T2: Haley JamesQ1: Melina Bella
Q2: Gionni Jnr
Q3: Peppe Oliver
Q4: Mia Fiora T1: Maeve
T2: Mackenzie
Adalie T1: Liam
T2: Maddie
T1: Olivia
T2: Ember (two sets)What do you think?
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Khalaya & Khylinn - terrible but Kalaya would be good. Kylan for a boy or maybe Kylin for a girl would be okay but not great. Haven Ann & Haley James - Too matchy with the "hay" thing. Haven Anne would be ok. Haley Jama?Melina Bella, Gionni Jnr, Peppe Oliver, & Mia Fiora - I like most of the names well enough but I'd want Peppe to be short for something and I'd switch Fiora to a first name slot. Maeve & Mackenzie - Still too matchy. I like Maeve, and I kind of like Mackenzie on a boy, but I don't like Mackenzie on a girl and either way it doesn't go with Maeve. Adalie is good. Liam & Maddie + Olivia & Ember - I like Ember but the rest are very bland and overused. I like Liam as a full name but I think Maddie needs a full name. Olivia is objectively good but it's so overused that it feels like nothing. I like that they're not matchy though.

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Wow, Peppe Oliver is so cute. The rest are not really my style.
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I really don’t like same-initial siblings, much less twins. I also have a visceral dislike of James on girls.Maeve & Mackenzie seems weirdly mismatched especially if Mackenzie is a girl (which is about my least favourite name on girls).Quads - Melina and Mia together seems really confusing.Liam & Maddie are fine. Olivia & Ember are ok.
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