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[Opinions] "Celeb" BA - Ozwin Fay
A micro niche content creator I follow just had a daughter, and I believe her name is Ozwin Fay (he can be kind of vague and speaks in hashtags so I'm putting the info together based on that). Wdyt? Some people were commenting on it being related to Dr. Who but I'm not a fan so it's totally new to me.I like the way Ozwin sounds, but my dyslexia keeps turning it into "Owzin" which is less cute.
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I like the way it sounds but it is really "on point" right now. Will definitely date the child in a few years.
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Ozwin is such a cute name! I like the ‘Wizard of Oz’ feel, the sound is nice as well. Fay feels like a somewhat trendy MN choice, but the sounds complement each other well.
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Ozwin on a girl is awful. Fay is ok
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While Fay/Faye is as good as it gets, Oswin on a girl is a bad joke.
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I don't like it at all really. I found the sound and look of Ozwin very unappealing and I've always disliked Fay / Faye / Fae... so limp and clammy, eugh.
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Apparently it is the first of two surnames / the middle name, of a character whose personal name is Clara on Doctor Who. I'm sure the actress who plays her is young and 'attractive' and 'cute' in the way that Who 'companions' traditionally are ... otherwise the name would not seem appealing to people as a gal name. (of course she is, I checked)Oswin reminds me of grandpa names, Edwin, Irwin, Oswald. I don't think it's very appealing as a gal name.
Ozwin reminds me of Wizard of Oz. I can't think of a reason to spell it Ozwin that isn't a little dumb...? But anyway, it's kind of a cool sounding name. And it's unconventional enough all-around, that an unusual usage and spelling is not as much an irritant as it could be.
I think they did well with the combo with Fay (even though I hate that name).4/10

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