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[Opinions] Name Your Celebrity Twins (3)
1) Lisa Marie Presley (another version from part one)
Twin daughters. Twin one’s name ends in LEY and twin two’s name ends in ER
2) King Hussein (former King of Jordan)
Twin daughters. Daughter one’s name is Arabic and is androgynous. Daughter two’s name is African American.
3) Frank Lickliter
Son/Son twins. Twin one’s name is a material. Twin two’s name starts with the same letter as his twin’s and is a word
4) Tony Dovolani
Son/Daughter twins. The twins have almost exactly the same name. Masculine and feminine version of the same name (Adrian & Adriana)
5) Melissa Etheridge
Daughter/Son names. The daughter’s name is a boys nickname. Her twin’s name is an occupational last name.
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1. Oakley and Harper
2. Qamar and Qiana
3. Stone and Story
4. Jordan and Jordana
5. Charlie and Carter
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1. Haley and Parker
2. Nur and Ivory
3. Brick and Blazer
4. Victor and Victoria
5. Jay and Chandler
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1. Hayley and Esther
2. Noor and Keisha
3. Batik and Basil
4. Michael and Michaela
5. Jody and Spencer
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1.Keighley and Amber.2.Ismat and Amari3.Stone and Stable.4.Dion and Dionna.5.Charlie and Hunter.
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1. Ashley & Jennifer
2. Amani & Shanika
3. Velvet & Victory
4. Michael & Michelle
5. Josh & Harper

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1. Parsley & Pepper
2. Shams & Jamilla
3. Cashmere & Cannon
4. Felix & Felicia
5. Jules & Jagger
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1. Shirley & Hester
2. Jinan & Toccara
3. Corduroy "Roy" & Clement
4. Ferdinand "Dino" & Fernanda "Fern"
5. Hal & Cleary

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Is this meant to be on Games?
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Maybe they should, but an admin hasn’t said anything so far so I guess it’s good. It’s the same for the “What is your favourite name starting with the letter X” and the likes.
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No, they’ve posted all of these here.
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1. Kimberley and Juniper
2. Rayan and Keisha
3. Sterling and Scout
4. Nicole and Nicolas
5. Billie and ParkerI appreciate that you made this one much easier!!
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1.) -ley -er suffix: Barley and Juniper 2.) Noor and Tasha 3.) Corduroy and Courage 4.) I was gonna use Adrian and Adriana but since it's the example: Calvin and Calvina 5.) Marty and Baxter This was painful for me
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Adrian & Adriana are the actually names of the twins. I hope one them uses a nickname.
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You sure? I checked his wiki page and it said the twins were Adrian and Ariana, though wiki isn't always reliable.
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His official biography says Adrian and Ariana.
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Yeah, Adrian and Ariana are definitely their names. But the fact that it can be misread as Adriana shows that their names are still too similar.
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Oh I agree
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Adriana can be Ana if she wants. Damn poor kids
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