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[Facts] Odemaris
I was wondering if anyone had any insight into the meaning or origin of this name. This is my friend's name, pronounced O-da-MAR-is. She was born in the 1980's in Mexico. I recently asked her about her name because it's so rare and all her siblings have names I have heard before. She said that her grandmother found it in the Bible. Neither of us have ever seen this name in the Bible. The closest thing I have found in Damaris, though it is not pronounced very similarly. I know there is a Mexican actress named Odemaris Ruiz and have seen a few others with the name when Googled, though I don't know if any of these people pronounce it the same. Her grandmother has passed and no one seems to know what happened to this Bible. Does anyone have any clues?
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Names ending in -ys, -is were popular in Puerto Rico and to a lesser extent, Mexico starting in the late 70s going all the way into the 90s. Check out the top names of Puerto Rico the last 20 years, lots of female names ending in that suffix. I have met Miladys, Angelis, and Norelis, Ivelisse, etc. I think it was just a trendy suffix and many of them were made up. There is no name I can think of from the Bible that sounds like Odemaris. There is a Damaris though.
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I think the grandmother was embarrassed that she got the name from pop culture and so made up the story about the Bible.The closest name in my name dictionary from Mexico is Ademaro. On this site that's only listed as Italian, but a great many names of saints have the same form in Italian and Spanish and are at least occasionally used in both Italian and Spanish speaking countries. -is has been a very productive suffix for newly created names in Latin America for quite a while now.This is probably a fairly recent creation because the earliest example of it I can find on is a birth record from New York City from 1963.

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It looks like a variation of Odemar, influenced by Maris.
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