Brasilian or Portugues surnames

Could anyone explain me the meaning of the following
portuguese or brasilian surnames:


Thanks for your help!
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Costinho could be from Costa which means "coast"
Caetano seems to me very similar to Gaetano, which is a first name, so this one would be patronymic.
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Coelho and Coelo in Portuguese should mean "RABITT", it is an animal and it could be a nickname.
Paulo Coelho (b.1947) is one of the best known brasilain writers.
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Not knowing much Spanish or any Portuguese, I would try these guesses:

CAETANO: = Kajetan / Kayetan > from the city of Geata / Caieta

COELO: from Latin "coelum / caelum" (sky / heaven)

COSTINHO: from Greek Costa > Konstantin

MAGALHAES: from Magalit > Margareta

SALAZAR: something with "salt"

VENTURA: something with "wind"
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I have to disagree with much of this, Andy.
Ventura - a shortened version of the baptismal name Bonaventura, so a patronymic.
Coelho - means "rabbit", as A. Motta points out; a nickname or metonym?
Magalhaes - a Portuguese place-name, more than one in fact, of uncertain meaning.
Salazar - a Basque place-name (i.e., in Spain), meaning "old hall."
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Thanx for the corrections! I was just guessing. Andy ;—)
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