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Re: origin of "Soars". pretty please
I usually ignore these school project queries. I always wonder why American kids never dream of walking into a library and picking up a dictionary of surnames. Is it because George Bush thinks libraries are hotbeds of terrorism?
You seem to have done some work on this so I'll break my rule.
Soars is an English name, though the original word, SOR, is an Old French word meaning "reddish-brown" (i.e., hair colour). The word sorrel is from the same source, and the French have similar surnames, Sor, Sorel, Soret.
Christou is Greek, so your doubts are unfounded. It means (son) of Christos, which name means "Christ", an acceptable male name in the Greek Orthodox religion.
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thank you SO MUCH! you've saved my life. but btw, i'm Australian, not American. and my nearest library is unfortunately far away. interesting comment about terrorism hotbeds. extremely unlikely, but interesting image.
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I'm basing that piece of speculation on US librarians' legal requirement to report subscribers' reading lists to the FBI.By the way, I forgot to mention that I'm not aware of a Liverpool connection for Soars. Current distribution suggests a home in the English Midlands.
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