Subject: Re: Many words based upon Enrico Fermi /// Thanks
Author: GTB   (guest)
Date: May 28, 2006 at 2:00 PM
Reply to: Re: Many words based upon Enrico Fermi by .Sagani

Yep... So he was... Mmm... Now... That reduces Fermi to a toponym derived from Fermo... And then... What Fermo means?* (Althought... Yep, there are many unknown meanings in toponyms, like Tarazona)... Some rumor holds that the very same Enrico Fermi is the grandfather to a couple of Fermi I know myself... I can't belief it 'though'.

*I try to reduce etymological meanings to A.The latest every day use non-personal-name-related (personal name as in "person name", "place name", "festivity name", etc.) B.The earliest form it has been recorded as and C.The earliest meaning it's meanings derive from. (I try to make all possible meanings apply equally well).

Nonetheless... Thanks, this points me somewhere else to check it (in a toponyms database).

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