Does anyone know what this surname means?This surname is borne by Peter Stringer of Ireland's rugby team. Records I've found indicate past and present British and Irish families named "Stringer." (an unreliable source) claims that the name came from the Normans, and was brought to England in the conquest of 1066. According to that same site, it means "strong" from the German "streng."
However, the surname could also come from the occupation 'stringer', a person who strings beads. (Other meanings of 'stringer', such as "horizontal support post" and "freelance writer", came into existence after the first recorded use of the surname).
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Here is what I found at (I've found most of their information is reliable.)Stringer
English: occupational name for a maker of string or bow strings, from an agent derivative of Middle English streng ‘string’. In Yorkshire, where it is still particularly common, Redmonds argues that the surname may have been connected with iron working, a stringer having operated some form of specialist hearth.
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