Name Element HASUNA

Type Word
Usage Arabic
Scripts حَسُنَ(Arabic)

Meaning & History

Arabic word meaning "to be good, to be beautiful".

Related Items

Given Name DescendantsHasan, Hassan, Hosni, Husna, Husni, Husniya(Arabic) Khasan(Bashkir) Hasan(Bengali) Khasan(Chechen) Khasan(Circassian) Hasan(Indonesian) Khasan(Ingush) Khasan(Ossetian) Hasan, Hassan(Persian) Hasan(Punjabi) Xasan(Somali) Khasan(Tatar) Hasan, Hüsniye, Hüsnü(Turkish) Hasan, Hassan(Urdu)

Sources & References

  • Hans Wehr, A Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic (1979), page 208
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