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DULIE   f & m   English (?)
No known origin nor meaning. a person with this given name was Dulie Delic an athlete for the Geelong SC.

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In Spanish and Portuguese it has the same meaning too, but I didn't knew how to say it properly in English back then.
The surname Dalca probably derived from an old Romanian word meaning "Lightning".

(at first I was confused if the meaning was uncertain or 'uncertain' even if that didn't make sense, but after a little google I find it)
The original (and variable) pronunciations of this name are 'So-CHee-TL' /so̞ˈt͡ʃi.t͡l/ in Mexican Spanish and 'SHo-CHee-TL' /ʃo̞ˈt͡ʃi.t͡l/ in its original Nahuatl pronunciation, ('o' here stands for the O as in Octopus). Now the TL sound (Voiceless Dental-alveolar lateral affricate; t͡ɬ) consists on an Rough T like in 'Time' (Voiceless dental-apical stop; t) rather than the American T in 'kitty' or in 'infinity' (alveolar tap; ɾ), and the L which it is pronounced like an L pronounced swiftly after the T doing a tap and then an L and as an "lateral H" I mean like pronouncing 'HL' making a little obstruction of air throughout the teeth (without making a stop) which sounds like an H (Voiceless dental-alveolar lateral fricative; ɬ). And not an mute L etc..
I know this may be a little confusing but I wanted to tell how it is pronounced in Mexico accurately.

For further info visit: Nahuatl is a bit complex sometimes, with 3 different ortographies and many different Nahuatl dialects as well. Thank you for reading all this. :D [noted -ed]