Type Surname (from given name)
Gender Masculine
Scripts Алиев(Tajik, Kyrgyz, Chechen) Әлиев(Kazakh) ГӀалиев(Avar)
Note This name is written with a dotted İ. It appears as ALİEV in uppercase and aliev in lowercase.

Meaning & History

Alternate transcription of Tajik/Kyrgyz/Chechen Алиев, Kazakh Әлиев or Avar ГӀалиев (see Aliyev).

Related Names

RootAli (given name)
VariantsAlieva, Aliyev, Aliyeva(Tajik) Alieva, Aliyev, Aliyeva(Kazakh) Alieva, Aliyev, Aliyeva(Kyrgyz) Alieva, Aliyev, Aliyeva(Avar) Alieva, Aliyev, Aliyeva(Chechen)
Other Languages & CulturesAli(Arabic) Əliyev, Aliyev, Əliyeva, Aliyeva(Azerbaijani) Alinejad(Persian)
Entry updated April 23, 2024